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Creative Writer / Content Manager / Copywriter / Video / Audio

Location icon Romania

I am able to represent the information using the video, audio, texts in several most common languages of the world. We can draw the attention of half of the world, increase the popularity and multiply client's database.

I work as a Journalist -> Copywriter -> Translator -> Illustrator, studying Graphic Design - > Designer, Content manager.

I create and start to publish my first newspaper at the age of 14, when I was in the high school. Watch my portfolio.

My mom was a photojournalist, so I am involved into photo correction my entire life. It starts by printing photos at home at 1995. At the same time, however, yet my father is a software engineer,he brought me a passion to the web design.

I received a Bachelor's Degree in a Graphic Design at the Engineering faculty.

I’ve been additionally studying at the School of Arts 7 years 5 days a week, participated in competitions and winning.

CONTACTS: I admit it's better to work under a labour contract at home. I have all the equiepment, a Wacom Intuos Large, Cameras, Lightening, Climate control, 3 displays, Microphone, etc.

It allows me to create content at a professional level. And, moreover, do the job quickly and qualitatively.
I would love to make your product, your brand or bright, distinguished, demanded and prominent.

With respect. Mariana.

65,000 copies. Printed magazine "XXL".
Creative Writing.

Creative Writing. Translating from Spanish, Portuguese,etc.