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Creative Writer / Content Manager / Copywriter / Video / Audio

Location icon Romania

I am able to representative the information using the video, audio, texts. We can involve half of the planet, according to the number of languages I speak for you.

Thanks to my international family roots and practicing abroad, I am multilingual. I am proud to talk to my clients in English, Spanish, French, and other common languages. I need 4 years to study each one.

Yet my father is programmer, he brought me a passion to the web design.
My mom is working in a photography, so I am involved into photo correction and printing process my entire life. It starts by printing black and white photos at home at 1995.

I used to publish my own newspaper, at the age of 15, when I was in the high school. I have the University Degree in a Graphic Design at the Engineering faculty, besides different training courses. I work as a journalist / content manager / illustrator , during the University studies.

I’ve been additionally studying at the Art School 5 days a week during 7 years, participated in competitions and winning.

At my home office, I have a Wacom Intuos Large for similar orders. It allows me to create designs at a professional level, correct photos carefully. And, moreover, make the work outstanding and unique and please client's needs.

I work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma,

I am glad to help you to create an outstanding, stylish video, audio, written content for your product, stuff and idea. I'm writing in different styles, and, surely, will find the most respectful for your item.

With respect. Mariana.