Cynthia Ramos

Copy Editor

United States

While I currently work as a middle school English teacher, I am a journalist at heart. Just a few months after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Journalism, I was hired at the San Antonio Express-News as a general assignments reporter. I covered everything from crime to education for both the News and Features desks. After seven years, I was promoted to a copy editor position on the Features desk, working with reporters, page designers and photographers to create visually appealing pages with catchy headlines and well-written stories. My main job was line editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and AP Style, as well as headline writing and proofreading. I love helping students create a well-written piece of writing, but I love delivering those words even more.

San Antonio Express-News
Mexico Lindo

When Jon and Amanda Hinojosa visit Mexico, they don't venture to touristy beaches or crowded border city retail shops. Rather, they trek the interior regions hunting for the next great piece of folk art to showcase in their home.

San Antonio Express-News
No TV? Baby's not gonna buy it

Is using the so-called "idiot box" as a baby-sitter harmful to baby? Each side has its arguments.

San Antonio Express-News
Teachers union raps 'at-least-50' grading

Students in the North East School District won't receive a semester grade lower than 50 under a policy tentatively approved by the school board and criticized by a teachers union.