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My story so far.

I went into debt to earn an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Hampshire in 2011. It was worth every penny.

Since then I've worked as a freelance writer covering arts, culture, food and travel for a number of different publications, like Austin Monthly, Atlas Obscura, Dispatch Magazine (RIP) and more. I also live the #adlife as a creative senior copywriter developing campaigns for just about every type of brand you can name. Go for it. There’s a lot.

On top of that, and working on a novel, I’m also a co-producer for the Here’s What I’ve Heard podcast. Season 1 is out now!

I’m inspired by a lot of art and photography, especially when it’s my wife's. If I'm not writing, I'm probably changing my newborn son's diapers or cuddling him, getting chased by our Great Pyrenees, reading, eating, or trying to take a nap.

Below is a (very) small, possibly outdated by the time you read this, sample of my writing as a journalist and copywriter.



Austin Monthly Magazine
Sausage Party

Lucky Peach, the San Francisco/New York-based quarterly journal of food and writing, will take over Freedmen's to a host a Springtime Sausage Social to celebrate the release of its sausage-inspired writing collection, The Wurst of Lucky Peach: A Treasury of Encased Meat. “We knew we weren’t going to be this comprehensive last word on sausage,” Chris Ying says. “We tried to approach everything with this sense of wonderment.”

The Sound
Comedian, nerd, man...robot?

Myq Kaplan is a stand up comic you may not have heard of, but that’s probably because he’s not verified on Twitter — yet. Hearing Kaplan’s comedy is just as easy as pulling out your smartphone. Kaplan is the host of the “Hang Out with Me” podcast, has five comedy albums and a Netflix special, and has appeared on “Conan,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “Comedy Central Presents” and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

The Sound
From the Pulpit to the Pub

On a recent Friday evening, on the second floor of The Grog restaurant and bar in downtown Newburyport, Mass., a small group of faithful sit in the corner of the room underneath a flat-screen television, glasses of beer and wine in hand.

The Sound
In Your Face

After three decades, Fishbone is still defying labels and having fun.

The Sound
Dive In

In the summer, traffic is at a standstill, the ice cream flows like water, and tourists are packed into every corner of every town, campsite, and open section of sandy beach from the Atlantic to the Lakes Region.

The Sound
Telling Tales

From live performances, to radio and podcasts, storytelling is alive and well. In New Hampshire, Pat Spalding helps first-time storytellers discover their voices and refine their tales.

Dispatch Magazine
Cruising the Coast

Cover Story: Four days sailing the Penobscot Bay aboard the Victory Chimes schooner.

The Sound
A perfect storm - The Sound

York author Emerson Baker explores the root causes of the Salem Witch Trials in his latest book by Craig Robert Brown The Salem Witch Trials engulfed Salem, Mass., and surrounding areas for a little more than a year. Twenty people, most of them women, were executed.

The Sound
Cut and Paste Community

When Sam Paolini returned to her hometown of Brentwood after dropping out of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010, she felt inspired and motivated to begin her career as an artist.

The Sound
True Detective

J. Dennis Robinson gives the Smuttynose Murders a final conclusion by Craig Robert Brown Just a few feet from the stone wall separating Portsmouth's South Cemetery and Route 1A are two gravestones cut in white marble. The graves are unremarkable, but the story behind them has captivated locals and visitors for generations.

Dispatch magazine
The Honest Audacity Spose

Cover Story: A chronicle of the rapper's rise, fall and rise in the industry.

The Square Magazine
When Giving Back is Part of Company Culture

Brad Paige is reserved, leaning over a table at Block Six, the restaurant and bar inside Portsmouth's 3S Artspace, competing to be heard against the sound of the kitchen and wait staff preparing for the dinner rush. It's noisy but in that business-is-good kind of way.

Video Scripts


Frontier Business
Rich Media Banners

These rich media banners incorporated the IT Sage concept and video.

Frontier Business
IT Pro Geek Banners

These banners led to the IT Geek assessment and IT Sage video.


Multiple Clients

I write a lot of emails for multiple clients. Here are some samples for 3D Systems

Landing Pages | Websites | Assessments

Frontier Business
Social Influencer Content Hub

A repository of content for social influencers to read and share. This website is updated as new content is created.

Landing Page
3DXpert Software

Landing page for 3D Systems' metal printing software.

IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz

This fun assessment helps prospects determine if they are a Pocket Protector Defender or King Geek IT professional. Results would offer a solution and a CTA to get in touch.


Frontier Business
Print Ad

This half-page print ad appeared in a channel partners trade show publication.

Frontier Business

When our client launched their cloud-based phone system, they asked us to educate their customers on the value of upgrading.

Frontier Business
Ethernet White Paper

Copywriting and editing, including new branding, for this sales enablement asset.

Frontier Business
Door Hanger

These print door hangers were part of a sales enablement initiative.

Social Media

Blogs, Fiction, Humor

The Noyes Moving Blog
Tips for Relocating Your Business

Copy for Earle W. Noyes and Sons Moving Specialists, Inc (United Van Lines) blog on business relocation best practices.

Nick Carraway Moves Back Home (Humor)

by Craig Robert Brown In those vulnerable days after Gatsby's funeral - when I returned to the middle-west - my father greeted me at the front door to his home and asked me this question which I have been turning over in my head ever since.

The Higgs Weldon
I, Barista (Humor)

I am the barista at the café in the Barnes & Noble. We are not actually a Starbucks, but we serve their coffee. I know. It confuses me too. You're right, corporate America does blow. Here's a pamphlet for Occupy the Mall to be held this Saturday.

The Higgs Weldon
There Must've Been a Fire at the Netflix Warehouse (Humor)

By Craig Robert Brown 1302 members reviewed Downton Abbey Dear Netflix, There must've been a fire in the Netflix warehouse that I am unaware of because I have not received my copy of Season Two, Disc Three, of Downton Abbey. Nor have I received an email saying there was a problem receiving the previous discs, or sending the above...