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The Complete Cord Cutter's Guide: Streaming Devices and Services for a Post-Cable World - Newegg...

With the advent of streaming video services like Netflix and Sling has come the rise of cord cutters - consumers ditching their cable and satellite service in favor of streaming apps and services. Fed up with massive bills filled with esoteric fees and bloated bundles (who wants to pay for a home phone line in 2019?), cable subscribers are cutting the cord at record rates.

Newegg Insider
New Kid on the Blockchain: The Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency - Newegg Insider

Cryptocurrency: what was once a fringe interest of hackers and Silicon Valley types has burst into the mainstream over the course of the past year, due in large part to Bitcoin's and other cryptocurrencies' stratospheric explosion in value, before finally falling back down to a slightly more stable price level this past spring.

Parker Woods Montessori flourishes in Northside

Therecent upheavalin Cincinnati Public Schools' magnet enrollment process demonstrated that Cincinnati parents' desire to send their children to magnet schools is feverishly growing. One local magnet,Parker Woods Montessoriin Northside, is emblematic of the continuing growth and development of the p