Craig Bamford

Copywriter and Journalist

I'm a copywriter and journalist focused on the technical, financial and scientific sectors, with clients in beauty and personal development as well.

I provided content marketing and journalism for RE$EARCH MONEY, a specialist publication on innovation policy; and work as a journalist for SpaceQ, a site reporting on the Canadian space sector. I've also done scriptwriting and web-focused copywriting for clients in both Canada and the United States.



Pioneering Ryerson Rocketry Students in Conflict With Engineering School Administration - SpaceQ

In the past year, I've moved from solely providing cultural journalism in SpaceQ to providing more business- and technology-focused reportage. This is one of my most popular pieces, discussing Ryerson rocketry students and their conflict with Ryerson administration over a plan to build their own rocket engine. The piece attracted a fair amount of attention, getting more readers in a few days than a SpaceQ story often manages in months. It also attracted the attention of other Canadian...

The Billion-year Arch Library Riding Along with Elon Musk's Tesla in Space

This has been one of my most successful pieces for SpaceQ so far, with viewer and share counts rivaling the best of the highly-specialized site. The piece examines the "Arch Library" that was sent along with the Tesla Roadster into space by SpaceX. I conducted a quick email interview with Arch Foundation principals, and incorporated their answers into a general examination of the technology, it's significance, and the story of its inclusion in the Tesla launch. The piece how I work to...

Technical Writing

Centre for Social Innovation Intranet
Multimedia Driver Installation Instructions

Provided technical writing . Created driver installation instructions on the CSI Intranet on behalf of the Centre for Social Innovation's technology team First, I determined the proper installation procedures for each of CSI's three Toronto locations, which involved a variety of differing copier/printer stations and network topologies, for both Mac and Windows platforms. Second, I created simple step-by-step text instructions, ensuring that they'd be readable and understandable by...

Content Marketing

Innovation This Week
ITW: May 31, 2017

I created and edited Innovation This Week, providing a variety of content and channeling its free readers to the paid RE$EARCH MONEY newsletter, and I'm still contributing to it as the creator and editor of its "Notables" section, which brings together free stories from throughout the Web to the audience and funnels readers to relevant R$ coverage. The attached entry is from May 31st, 2017, and features "Notables" stories about Zero Emissions Vehicles, Angel Investment, and the Internet...

Shirley M. Knight & Associates
Pixar Studios and Polarity Management "Management Magic"

One of the blog entries for Shirley M. Knight's website, this was based on a LinkedIn post that she had put up previously. This "polarity" model is key to her consulting practice, so it needed to be done right. While retaining the basic flavor of Shirley's writing, I changed the layout so that it flowed better, and emphasized the innovative nature of her polarity model. I ensured that the metaphors she used remained consistent and easy to understand, and incorporated both images and...

Copywriting and Website Design

Necesse Naturals
Necesse Naturals

One of my ongoing relationships is with the all-natural skincare company Necesse Naturals. I've provided them with their front page website copy, as well as product descriptions and other promotional copy.

Shirley M. Knight & Associates
Shirley M. Knight & Associates Consulting

Shirley M. Knight, a management consultant in Toronto, came to me for help with her website. She was returning to practice after an absence, and after working with a personal branding consultant, decided wanted an inexpensive, easy-to-maintain website that would both help explain her services to visitors and demonstrate her expertise to decisionmakers. The branding consultant had decided on SquareSpace, but his regular network partner was unavailable, so he came to me. After consulting...

Supplementary Content

An Opportunity to Excel: Advancing Canada's New Innovation Agenda

I was asked to put together the online promotional material for the 2017 RE$EARCH MONEY Conference: "An Opportunity to Excel: Advancing Canada's New Innovation Agenda". Prior to the conference, I brought together images of the participants, incorporated and edited their biographies, incorporated and (slightly) edited panel descriptions and laid out the icons for each of the conference partners. After the conference was complete, I also incorporated supplementary materials, including...