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Looking for SEO-friendly web content? Articles that attract? Emails that engage? Let's talk.

A communications professional with a PR and marketing background, I'm also a published author with a Master's in Creative Writing. And for the past few years, I've turned my hand to copywriting.

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* SEO friendly content (web pages and blog posts) * Articles * Sales & marketing emails * PPC & paid social ads * Press releases * Ghostwriting * Academic writing
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* Ad & Design agencies * Architects * Non-profits * Insurance brokers (US & UK) *IT contractors *Lawyers *Lighting Designers * PR Consultants * Property developers * Travel firms * Universities * Yacht brokers

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Blog writing

Blog writing
How to get rid of GAS in 7 steps

Are you a gear junkie? Do you spend more time lusting over the latest, shiny body/lens/hot shoe flash/tripod than actually shooting? Got equipment gathering dust in your studio? Stuff you had to buy because you 'just couldn't get that shot without it'? You're not alone.

Blog writing
Where Agatha Christie wrote

Murders she wrote. Many, many of them. Outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare, she's the bestselling novelist of all time. Next in the where writers write series: where Agatha Christie wrote her books. "A bath! The receptacle of porcelain, one turns the taps and fills it, one gets in, one gets out and ghoosh -ghoosh - ghoosh, the water goes down the waste-pipe".

Blog writing
A tax preparer's tale

Last Spring, Jim Johnson was having sleepless nights. A client had slapped him with a lawsuit and Jim's defense costs were piling up. He was scared he'd lose all his savings, his business - even his house. Jim's story begins in 2008, when he took on a new client, Steve Spender.

Blog writing
Thinking of working as a contractor in IT?

If you're an IT professional thinking of jacking in your perm job and going into contracting, now's a good time to go for it. The market for IT contractors is pretty buoyant. In fact, IT recruitment consultants, Bristow Holland, say demand's increased to the point where it's outstripping supply.

Blog writing
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed

When Dylan Thomas first saw the Boat House, on a sunny Monday in May 1934, it was from the other side of the River Taf.

Blog writing
Difference between an insurance agency and an insurance carrier

Insurance carrier, insurance agency - what's the difference? When you're trying to buy insurance, it can seem confusing. There is one, straight-forward difference. An insurance carrier creates the product (the insurance policy). An insurance agency sells it. It might help to think of it like this: the insurance carrier is the manufacturer.

InsuranceBee Blog
A guide to yoga teacher insurance

Yoga teacher insurance: it helps keep you zen. Because despite your best efforts to teach safe yoga practices, accidents happen and mistakes get made. It could be a student over-stretching, practicing an asana incorrectly, or forgetting to tell you about a medical condition. Or it could be a simple slip and fall in the studio.

Blog writing
Cyber terms and their meanings

Been crypto-jacked? Phished? Cyber terms can be confusing. Even the most IT-savvy among us can find it hard to keep up. To help you tell your worms from your zombies, here's a cyber security glossary of terms and meanings. Antivirus Software you can install on your computer to prevent, detect and remove viruses (including worms and trojans).

Blog writing
How to get appointed with a commercial insurance carrier

As an independent agent, getting appointed with a commercial insurance carrier is key. It's a great way to build your book, after all. But It's not always easy for new agents. Most established insurance companies prefer agents with a few years' experience.


Web pages

Web page
Business insurance for the self-employed

Going self-employed was the best decision you ever made, right? Now you're in control. You set your own hours, choose your clients and decide who's on your team. But in business (and in life) there are some things you can't control. And when you're self-employed, if something goes wrong, you're on your own.

Web page
Home inspector insurance

How many times do clients say to you, “That's the best money we ever spent”? A lot, we're guessing. No-one wants an expensive surprise. Your reports reduce the risk your customers will get one. But you're not clairvoyant. You can't see through walls or floors. And like the homes you inspect, you're not perfect.

Web page
Property Management Liability Insurance

Being a property manager is a balancing act. You walk the wire, juggling landlord and tenant, leases and lawncare, codes, and cash flow. You’re expected to be a fortune-teller, too - predicting rental trends, budgeting future property needs and spotting good renters from bad. But all it takes is one misstep and you could teeter and fall. And the business you’ve been building for years could come crashing down with you.

Web page
Cyber insurance

Cyber liability insurance covers the damage cybercrime can do to your business. Whether it's caused by a data breach, ransomware attack, invoice fraud, or phishing The cost of recovering from an attack like that can be enough to cripple a small company. Cyber insurance takes care of these costs.

Case Studies & Interviews

Case studies & interviews
Architect Q&A: How to start an architecture firm

To get a handle on what running an architecture practice is really like, we talked to Edinburgh-based architect, Simon Laird. His specialist practice, Simon Laird Associates, provides a range of architectural, interior design and consultancy services. All following his mantra: 'designing for real life'. How long have you been in business?

How to protect your big ideas

Theft. It's a problem for businesses, big or small. And no, it's not your fine liners or your paper clips we're talking about. It's something much more valuable - your intellectual property. For architects, intellectual property theft's a big risk. Especially at pitch time.

Case studies & interviews
IT Contractor Q&A: Tom Pettigrew

To get some insight into an IT contractor's world, we talked to Cheltenham-based Tom Pettigrew. Tom's been in the industry for over fifty years. But his interest in IT hasn't waned with retirement. Far from it. He's still freelancing - helping silver surfers make sense of software.


Get served with a smile

‘You’ve been served’. They’re words nobody wants to hear. Being sued is no joke. It’s one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to cope with. And as more and more groundless claims are being filed every day, if you haven’t already been on the sharp end of a suit, you’re lucky.

Bella Figura

Taking their inspiration from gemstone cuts, our new, ornamental boxes are the perfect accessory for the world's most beautiful homes. From console tables to chests of drawers and coffee tables, wherever you place these little diamonds, they're sure to be a scene-stealer.

Why are shoes like insurance?

Shoes. If they're too small, or full of holes, they're not much use to you, are they? The same goes for your professional insurance.

Insurance by the hour

Do you pay for 12 months’ business insurance when you only need it for a few months? Or days? Or hours? Ever wished you could pay by the job instead? You can.



Running a business doesn’t automatically make you an expert in finance. But it pays to be prepared.


Knowing how to keep staff happy and motivated is key to a successful business. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to put the time and effort into making this happen. It’s even more important when the market is tough, because unhappy employees will walk. And it’ll cost you time and money to replace them.


You know that saying, “ignorance is bliss”? Well, when it comes to the law, it’s definitely a bad idea for business owners. An unexpected legal dispute can be enough to sink a small company.

Small business survey

Recently, we got to wondering... What do small business owners think are the biggest risks to their business? Let's ask them, we thought. So, we surveyed 1,002 SMB owners across the US. Turns out financial risk's their biggest concern at start-up. But once they're up and running, it's economic uncertainty that keeps them awake at night.

Magazine writing

How to Start a Photography Business

Thinking about turning your passion into a profession? You're not alone. Nowadays it seems anybody with a camera thinks they can make money from their photos.

Magazine writing
Countryfile Magazine

In 1932, Scots novelist and poet Nan Shepherd wrote to a friend to say she was off to London for a "sophisticated fortnight with theatres and new frocks to purge one of the lust for ice-cold peaks". This was a lust, however, never to be purged.

Magazine writing
The world has finally caught up

On the 128th birthday of Nan Shepherd, her biographer, Charlotte Peacock, provides answers to our questions about the celebrated Scottish writer.


Into the Mountain | A Life of Nan Shepherd | Charlotte Peacock

Into the Mountain: A Life of Nan Shepherd by Charlotte Peacock, is the first biography of the Scottish writer and poet. Currently best known for The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd was an intensely private woman. Into the Mountain unravels the mysteries of this enigmatic writer and brings her vividly to life.

Wild Geese: A Collection of Nan Shepherd's Writing

Wild Geese: A Collection of Nan Shepherd's Writing, edited by Charlotte Peacock is published by Galileo. 'I don't like writing, really. In fact, I very rarely write. No I never do short stories and articles', Nan Shepherd confessed in 1933. 'I only write when I feel that there's something that simply must be written'.