Courtney Rhem

Communications Bachelor of Arts

Location icon United States

My name is Courtney Rhem, and I am in the final year of my Communications BA program at Ashford. I have worked as a sales consultant for almost seven years, initially in the automotive industry and now in telecommunications. The experience I have gained while working in a sales environment, and for a Fortune 50 company, has dramatically improved my oral and written communication skills. I plan to add the skills I have learned during this degree program with those I have learned on the job, to aid me in moving up within my current company. I have been considering moving into one of two roles, either Sales Supervisor or Project Manager, with the latter holding precedence. After I obtain my bachelor's degree, I plan to attend law school, and once that is complete, I will move into the legal department at the company.


Com345: Media Writing for Communications

Final Project

This assignment was for Com345. The requirement was to write a feature story for a magazine followed by an analysis of the feature story. The topic I chose was social media's huge reaction to the news of Halle Bailey, an African American, playing Ariel in Disney's live action remake of the "Little Mermaid." (I do not own the rights to the photograph/illustration)

Com101: Introduction to Communication

Perspectives on Communications

Week one essay from Com101. This paper discusses the significance of communication studies and what it means to me. (I do not own the rights to the photograph/illustration).

Personal Communication Skills Assessment

Week 5 Final paper from Com101. This paper focuses on a personal assessment of my skills in regards to the following categories: interpersonal communication, group and organizational communication, and technologically mediated communication. (I do not own the rights to the photograph/illustration).

Com325: Communication & Conflict

Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Com325 final assignment. This essay discusses what conflict is, why it occurs, how to manage it, and the effects of it. (I do not own the rights to the photograph/illustration).