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I'm a digital marketing writer with experience writing search engine optimized content for social media, paid search campaigns, and new website builds. I also write articles for men's and women's lifestyle websites. My favourite things to write about are relationships, health and fitness, and true crime.

The Endless Appeal of Reality Dating Shows

This Valentine's Day, Netflix is set to release its first original reality dating show, Dating Around . The show features singles going on blind dates and-as anyone who dates is painfully aware-the awkward conversations and moments that inevitably ensue.

Here's What You Should Know About 'Incels' - AmongMen

Just over three weeks ago, 25-year-old Alek Minassian drove a rental van up on the sidewalk on Yonge street in North Toronto killing ten people and injuring 16 more. The attack seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was clear that he planned it and intended to kill as many innocent people as he could.

IN Magazine
Saying A Character Is LGBTQ Isn't Enough - IN Magazine

Fans are looking for a lot more than lip service... Arguably one of the golden rules of good writing is being able to not just tell, but show. That means characters that are three-dimensional and well-rounded.

The Bolde
Redefining Beauty: 10 Ways To Help Put A Stop To Body Shaming

No matter what you look like, you've probably had insecurities about your body at some point in your life. The problem with body shaming is that everyone has a unique body type that can't always be manipulated into what the media portrays as the "perfect body".

IN Magazine
5 Gay Athletes Who Are Out And Proud - IN Magazine

These athletes prove sexuality has nothing to do with athletic ability... Progress for the LGBT community has been ramping up in recent years, but athletics is still a particularly difficult area to go against deeply ingrained heteronormative ideals. Young athletes often keep their sexuality to themselves for fear of their teammates, fans and coaches looking at them differently.

How To Excel At Being Single - AmongMen

Dating is one of those expected parts of life like having a job and dealing with family obligations. When someone you haven't talked to in awhile asks how you're doing, they're partly asking about your love life. Finding love is something everyone is supposed to want which is why there are entire reality shows that revolve around it.

What Does It Mean To Be Classified A 'Dangerous Offender' In Canada? - AmongMen

With Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur recently pleading guilty to eight counts of first degree murder, the topic of whether he'll be given Dangerous Offender status is on a lot of people's minds. Given his crimes, it seems logical that if anyone were to receive that classification, it would be McArthur.

15 Celebs Who Refuse To Define Their Sexuality

There was a time not very long ago when people felt the need to call themselves either straight or gay. People didn't talk as openly about the spectrum that seems to be growing by the day, and it was expected that everyone fit in perfectly with one group or the other.

What Happens When A Former Pickup Artist Grows Up?

The pickup artist community is a movement of men whose number one goal is to seduce and sleep with women. While many rules a pickup artist follows to attract women are effective, there are also a lot that go way too far. Instead of simply being confident, they are cocky and entitled.

Complex CA
Grey Goose Presents: Learn How To Pair Your Cocktails

Whether you're hosting a party or just spending the evening with your significant other, great food, and a couple drinks, choosing the right cocktail to go with your meal can be a challenge. There's always your go-to pint of beer or a glass of wine, but sometimes you want to try something a little different.

The Bolde
20 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Happiness - The Bolde

Happiness may be the ultimate goal in life, but it isn't something that is easy to achieve. Even when you find yourself in a place where you feel happy with your life, and who you are, it can all fall apart at any moment. That's the thing about happiness.

The Bolde
Are You Dating a Man-Child? 13 Ways to Tell

When you're in your early 20s, dating a guy who's still somewhat reliant on his parents and doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life isn't that uncommon. Chances are, you were probably even in the same boat.

What Is The Deal With The 'Meninist' Movement?

Feminism is pretty trendy these days. Celebrities, male and female, are publicly declaring themselves feminists, and anyone who claims to not be a feminist is shamed in the media until they retract their statement, and say they "just didn't understand" what being a feminist meant.

Will The Zombie Apocalypse Thing Ever Die?

Zombies aren't the first supernatural entity to take over our imaginations. Not that long ago it was vampires. There were vampire TV shows, vampire movies, vampire books, and vampire video games. Now no one wants to see or hear about another vampire anything.

Can Bill Cosby's Career Survive Rape Accusations?

Bill Cosby probably thought he was over the hump when it came to dealing with allegations of sexual assault that first started to surface in 2004. Even though a woman named Andrea Constand accused Cosby of drugging and fondling her, the authorities chose not to charge him.

How to Deal... When He Still Lives With His Parents

Twenty-somethings are living at home a lot longer than they used to. Especially in big cities like Toronto, moving out can be expensive, and complicated. It isn't really a surprise that a lot of people are opting to live at home with their parents, rent-free.

How to Protect Your Online Reputation

With all the different social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest), it is easy to get carried away with what you post. But remember, the Internet is forever and the things you tweet, hashtag, and pin are out there for everyone to see (even potential employers).

The Problem with #Thinspiration

Young girls see models and celebrities in the media every day that seem to tell them "this is what you should look like", but now with the ease of the internet and social media, it isn't just celebrities that represent an ideal.

10 Of The Worst Countries For Women

Being a woman in 2014 means a lot of things. If you have been lucky enough to grow up and live in a developed part of the world, then you have probably come to expect basic human rights, as well as rights that women in many third world countries could never even dream of.

Is 'Serial' The Beginning Of A New Podcast Era?

If you haven't already been following the podcast, , then you are behind. Nine episodes behind (as of Thursday November 20th), to be exact. But once you listen to the first episode, you will be addicted, and the rest will fly by. Here is everything you need to know before you get on your computer and download Serial.

10 Shows That Gave You Nightmares As A Kid

Were you one of those kids that loved a scary story? Did you live for campfires where the counselors would tell their creepiest tales to the campers who were brave enough to stay up past midnight? Did you read ghost stories under the blankets with a flashlight after you were supposed to be sleeping?

Why Women Love 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

If you have women in your life, chances are you have heard of , the erotic trilogy that took the world by storm in 2012. Maybe your girlfriend gushes about it with her friends, or your coworkers talk about it in the lunch room. And let's be honest, your mom has probably read it too.

That Awkward Moment: The Brom-Com

Written and directed by first-timer, Tom Gormican, That Awkward Moment is named for what Jason (Zac Efron) calls the "so moment". The point in a relationship where someone inevitably asks "so, where is this going?" It is the point where you either get serious, or move on.

8 energizing spa treatments in Canada

Sometimes, the weekend can seem impossibly far away (is it really only Tuesday?). The fix for mid-week blues? A spa trip to boost your energy and clear your mind. Glowing skin is an instant pick-me-up (Who doesn't love a flawless complexion?), and the rest of the work week will fly by thanks to a soothing massage.

The best way to grow out your pixie cut

The pixie cut is the perfect summer haircut. But when it comes to the dreaded growing out process, it may seem like you will never have your long, flowing locks back to where they used to be before you took the pixie plunge.

Easy last minute-makeup tips

Some days you just don't have time for a full face of makeup (one too many snooze-button hits in the morning) and that perfect cat eye has to get bumped. Before you have a near beauty breakdown, let us tell you it is possible to look put together in less time and with less products.