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Nadia Sim

Screenwriter, Copywriter, Fiction Writer, Poet

Location icon Malaysia

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With a head crammed-full of lexical armaments, and a heart sloshing with agonizing daydreamer's-fuel, aspiring author Nadia Sim aims to weave words that make a mark.

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Somnentrix: Requiem of Wings (A Fiction Screenplay)

A 16-page-long preview of Somnentrix: Requiem of Wings, a fiction screenplay centering on an unlikely bond that blossoms between a cursed faerie and a holy knight—bound and yet kept apart by the pangs of loss.

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4 Effective Ways to Hook Audiences Up With Your Content

You don't need to be a wizard-of-the-net to know this fact: that the vast world-wide-webscape is just teeming with snap judgements and second-spanning swipes to the next conquest-whether a photo, a thunderbolt caption, or a striking visual-and one more dazzling and more appealing to the eye than ...

Original Poetry & Fiction

Ad Corvitum.

Ranging across poetry, prose, and vignettes — the original works of Nadia Sim take earnest flight here, lending insight into myriad muses.