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Corinne Kocher

Location icon United States

Working in project management and communications in food, agriculture, and tech.

Background in research, copywriting, and in-the-field reporting.

Wordy half of Shared Plates, a food journalism duo.

Currently based out of Atlanta, GA.


SEO-focused Content Marketing

Restaurant Accounting 101: Tips and Tricks for Operators

Restaurant accounting can be a daunting task, especially for restaurant operators without an accounting background. For anyone who is busy growing their businesses, managing restaurant accounting on their own can be time-consuming and prone to human error. But restaurant accounting provides essential data for making informed strategic business decisions, in the moment and long-term; it helps you oversee your finances and budgets, and provides insight into key decisions to reduce prime costs.

Multifamily Insiders
Three Questions to Ask About Your Social Advertising Strategy

Social advertising in the multifamily industry requires some unique considerations. In contrast to many other short, transactional consumer buying cycles, the consumer journey in the multifamily industry averages 90 days. However, during the extended time period that a prospect is on the market, their intention to find a community is hyper-focused....


Xenial Product Sell Sheet

Bring your menu to life and drive a different kind of brand experience, with Xenial Indoor Digital Menu Boards. IDMBs engage guests through visually compelling offers, suggestive selling, and cross promotion. And with Dynamic Content tools, it’s easy to update menu items and design according to location, day-part, or sales.

Aprio Blog
Experienced Restaurant Owners Have Options for Growth Capital

Experience is a tough teacher, as any business owner will tell you. But experience also brings with it new opportunities, including access to a wider world of financial options for restaurateurs looking to expand. As we discussed in a recent blog on start-up funding for new restaurant owners, opening up a business for the first time in any industry is difficult.

White Oak Pastures Blog
Regenerative Agriculture vs. Fake Meat

White Oak Pastures has been a leader in illuminating the role meat production plays in climate change for years. But recently, we've been hearing that industrialized agriculture products made in a lab are the going to be future of meat. Fake meat companies like to say that they are a better choice for the environment, but at White Oak Pastures, we've been busy fact-checking their impossible claims.

Food Writing

Georgia Organics Blog - The Daily Dirt
DaySpring Farms Unique in Georgia for Cleaning, Milling

DaySpring saw early on in their business that there was an acreage threshold, even in organic commodity farming, to making a profit. Caught in the middle, the farmers did a side step, getting into value-added commodity production and storage crops.

Shared Plates
Unintended Consequences

I'm looking at two jars filled with dirt. The first jar contains soil that looks like dried, cracked red clay. It reminds me of summertime corn and soybean fields in my hometown in Indiana, fields of straight-line crops laced with dry, exposed dirt.

Georgia Organics Blog - The Daily Dirt
Long-Term Hoop House Research at Woodland Gardens

"Most of the small, local, organic producers have at least one hoop house," adds Little. "But, they don't really come with instructions," she jokes. Little is evaluating different best management practices to keep issues like nematodes at bay, including cover crop rotations, non-host rotations, soil solarization in the summer, and different soil inputs.

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