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Creative copywriter with tons of experience to be your writer-on-demand. I find the tone of voice that makes you and your customers happy and does what it has to do.

I adapt to your need and write result-driven texts, both B2B and B2C, long or short, on or offline. I know how to write for the web and how to score in Google. I'm particularly good in making easy reads out of complex materials. I may not be a digital native, but I'm certainly a digital creative :-)

Fond of co-creation and connecting with human beings, I strongly believe in design thinking. I love to do all kinds of (writing) jobs and learn new stuff.

I also happen to love tough deadlines. My customers love that too 😉.

Look at the pdf's below or mail me for extra examples at [email protected]

Acerta consult
GDPR: de deadline nadert met rasse schreden

De meeste mensen hebben de neiging om deadlines voor zich uit te schuiven. Met bedrijven is dat niet anders. Als u deze struisvogelstrategie ook gebruikt voor GDPR, willen we u graag even kordaat wakker schudden. Want de deadline nadert. U heeft nog maar 3 maanden tot 25 mei.
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