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"It's not our job to cater to the lowest common denominator. It's our job to raise it." - The West Wing

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Five Reasons To Watch Belle

Belle tells the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, born to a British naval officer while he was stationed in the West Indies. During her childhood, he took her back to England and left her in the care of his Uncle, Lord William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield.

The Aspiring TV Writer & Screenwriter Blog: 26 Minority Screenwriters to Inspire You

In April, Amanda posted 30 Female Screenwriters to inspire you, which included female feature screenplay writers. I wanted to do a similar post, this time focusing on minority screenwriters. This 2013 report from the Writers Guild of America shows that just in TV staffing, the percentages still aren't great for women or people of color.

People of Color and The Empowerment Fantasy - Black Girl Nerds

Two things led me to this topic: my last post on Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie and reading this article on the new Muslim Ms. Marvel. In my last article, I wondered when the last time I read/saw a black character (especially black female) get to play with the "rags to riches" scenario.

New York Comic-Con Diversity Panels -- We're Here, We've Been Here, We'll Be Here

Moderator: IW Gregorio Amie Wright Craig Anderson IW Gregorio Mat Bird The We Need Diverse (Comic) Books panel was put together by the American Library Association and the We Need Diverse Books campaign. The room was one of the smaller panel rooms by it was standing room only by the time they were ready to begin and they had to turn people away.


Flash v Arrow: Dawn of Just Awesomeness

We conclude Flarrow Week at the NOC with our own special crossover featuring our Flash and Arrow recappers Constance (@ConStar24) and Christelle (@christellexoxo). Together for the first time! Join us to sort out all of your thoughts and feels about your two favorite shows. Topics covered on the show include: Constance on season one...

My First Podcast with Black Girl Nerds and Eric Dean Seaton

I joined my first ever podcast this past Sunday with Jamie from Black Girl Nerds and Eric Dean Seaton, a TV director and graphic novel author. Since Seaton is a TV director, we talked a bit about that as well as his graphic novel series Legend of the Mantamaji, which stars a black superhero.

TV Reviews/Interviews

Castle 6.19 Interview With Penny Johnson Jerald

We're very excited to have spoken to Penny Johnson Jerald who plays Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates on . Penny is a very wonderful, deep, and insightful woman and it's great that she brings that to the role of Captain Gates. She was a delight to talk to and I wish I could pick her brain about a lot of things!

ConStar's Pilot Watch: Jane the Virgin

September 13, 2014 · 2:22 pm My favorite pilot for this season is Jane the Virgin. I love that it's about a Latino family, I love that the grandmother only speaks Spanish (a reality they're allowing to shine on TV), I love the characters and their relationships and where they're taking their secrets, I love how funny it is, and how ridiculous it is at times, but also how real and loving.

NOC Recaps Arrow : A League of Their Own

Mad props to my awesome Flarrow tag-team buddy Christelle for the subtitle. We are Flarrow. She's The Flash, I'm Arrow and together we bring you these recaps with precision and speed. It's our superpower. The first thing I thought of when preparing for the Arrow portion of the crossover was how would they Flashify the...