Connor Burke

Brand & User Advocacy Intern

Location icon United States of America

Hi! I am a Brand and User Advocacy Intern for SOLIDWORKS Corporation. I currently reside in Westford, Massachusetts and also attend Syracuse University. I aspire to receive my Communication & Rhetorical Studies degree by May of 2019.

SOLIDWORKS Education Blog
Dereck Sanchez: The SOLIDWORKS Prodigy

Dereck Sanchez, a rising junior in high school, has been working with his team, R4 Robotics, for all of seven years now; but the most impressive part is that he's only seventeen years old. His team joins many BEST Robotics competitions every year, which last approximately six weeks long each.

SOLIDWORKS Education Blog
FIRST Robotics Team 1325 - Inverse Paradox Is Making a Difference

Here at SOLIDWORKS, we understand the impact we have on different companies, industries and people who use our software to further develop their own products. While we partner with many big corporations, we also attempt to have an impact on the community by offering out licenses to entrepreneurs, startups, and even student competitions, like FIRST Robotics.

The 3DExperience Lab: How Interns Are Becoming the Experts

Interns usually have a certain reputation of being undermined by their company's full-time employees and bosses. The stereotypical intern seems to do menial work such as, get coffee and doughnuts for the rest of the company, go down the hallway to collect reports from the printer, or even clean up messes that they didn't make.

Solar Ship: Developing New Modes of Transportation

In 1983, Jay Godsall attended a diplomatic lunch for African landlocked countries. At the time, he was trying to enlarge his lawn mowing business to different regions of Canada. After having a long conversation with a diplomat from Burundi, he learned that central Africa was the harshest place in the world for transportation to thrive, since there were minimal roads.

How SOLIDWORKS Turned Ernesto Mosqueda's Life Around

Some people do not realize what they're truly passionate about until later in their lives. You might think you want to be in a certain industry or field for the rest of your life, but then that all back fires when you start to loathe your occupation.