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Collin Brown

Marketing Director, Event Coordinator, Writer

Location icon United States

I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016. Since then I have worked as a web designer and video producer for MDPM Consulting and as Marketing Director/Event Coordinator for Oak Highlands Brewery. In my free time I am a comedian, and have performed all across the United States and been accepted in to several festivals.

Oak Highlands Brewery
Print Ad

Print Ad for Oak Highlands Brewery

Oak Highlands Brewery
1K Chug Run

Graphic and copy for 1K fun run.

Dallas Comedy House
Plaid to Meet You: Bonnie Criss - Dallas Comedy House

Plaid To Meet You is a new way to introduce the community to our performers. I will be choosing performers whose plaid patterns catch my eye. This week, my attention was caught by a wonderful brown-and-white plaid shirt worn by our very own Bonnie Criss.