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A Vancouverite-by-way-of-Toronto, I am a freelance writer and media producer, having worked in both television production and advertising. I am currently a Contributor to lifestyle website, Apartment Therapy and operate as a Production Coordinator at Rainmaker Entertainment.


Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy
5 Lessons I Learned from My Cross-Country Move

On May 1, 2017, my partner and I squeezed all of our remaining belongings into an overstuffed Hyundai Elantra and departed on a one-way trip from Toronto to Vancouver. I say remaining belongings because an 2008 Elantra is no U-Haul.

Apartment Therapy
Things to Buy First When you Move to a New City

It's no surprise that moving across the country means that not all of your things can necessarily move with you. For my partner and me, area code hopping from Toronto to Vancouver meant forsaking all of our home furnishings to make room in the car for keepsakes and clothing.

Apartment Therapy
What I Wish I Had Left Behind in My Cross-Country Move

The best piece of advice I received when I moved from Toronto to Vancouver last year came from a family member who had more than one major move under his belt. Having experienced the anxiety of packing and the self-doubt that comes with paring down, he told me, "you're always going to throw away stuff that you wish you kept and bring stuff that you wish you left behind."

Apartment Therapy
Every '90s Kid Will Remember These Rad Decor Items

Whether you're watching the latest television reboot, browsing the " Grunge Revival" collection at Forever 21 or liking the latest retro #TBT on your timeline, nostalgia for the 90s is all around. While the pop culture love fest for the decade rages on, let's take a look back at some of the craziest decorating trends that will give any 90s kid a truly rad blast from the past.

Apartment Therapy
Does Baby Foot Really Work?: A Real Life Road Test

Last week, we introduced a new series in which we put cult classic beauty products to the test to find out whether they're worth the hype. First, we set our gaze on the best-selling Maybelline Great Lash mascara; now, we're tackling Baby Foot, an exfoliating peel for the feet made internet famous thanks to the many shudder-inflicting photos of molting skin posted by users.

Apartment Therapy
Trading Faces: Two Friends Swap Beauty Routines for a Week

This is the true story of two friends, picked to flip-flop makeup routines (or lack thereof) for a day, have their adventures chronicled, to see out what happens when people stop being polite...and start getting real (okay, so it's not really that dramatic.) Meet Alex and Colleen.

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