Colleen Bedford

Freelance non-fiction writer

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Colleen Bedford is a freelance writer from Toronto.

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The Milk Carton Kids turn heads

The two voices of The Milk Carton Kids in perfect close harmony fade into the background like a ghost, as the final hand-picked notes of a folk song ring out from vintage acoustic guitars...

Naked Underground Toronto
Toronto's Class of 2015: The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

Imagine a family portrait. But instead of blue haired grandmas and drunken uncles, it's the entire music community in city of Toronto. This is the vision of the ground-breaking event Toronto's Class of 2015 - Group Photo . The goal is to round up as much of Toronto's music community as possible in one place.

Naked Underground Toronto
Music City Alliance May Need To Proceed With Caution

Tears run down the painted faces of three young girls; their mood in contrast with the neon pink and green glow sticks that complete their on-stage attire. This is the saddest memory of the music industry gone wrong that the former booking agent for the Rivoli shared with me recently.

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