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The Not-So-Secret Power of Fandom

OZY and JPMorgan Chase have partnered to take a deeper look at how business es can impact society for the better. Enjoy the rest of our special series here . Everyone's a fan of something: The World Cup? That new Netflix series?

This Billion-Dollar Industry Is Showing a Dark Side

The Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge shows how when the medical device industry rushes to innovate, patients often pay a devastating price. Medical technology is often viewed in a favorable light. It's man's triumph over nature, the eradication of disease, the prolonging of life.

Swipe Life
3 Dating Cues We Should Be Taking From Scandinavia | Tinder Swipe Life

Scandinavia is home to some of the most progressive countries in the world ( Denmark, Sweden, Norway and, depending who you ask, Iceland and Finland ), with each making frequent appearances atop lists of the best countries to be a woman , for gender equality , and for all-around .


Is Meditation The Best Thing For Your Anxiety?

I did not want to go to meditation class. I was dreading it. The decision to go was one I made in the final days of 2014 - but on the first Sunday of January, I really didn't want to do it. Still, it was a new year, and I was a new me.

Yahoo Style
Why Is Plus-Size Vintage So Hard to Find?

It's Vintage Week at Yahoo Style! In honor of our favorite environmentally friendly way to make sure you're never wearing the same outfit as anyone else, we're bringing you insider intel on the best vintage - what to look for, where to find it, and how to make the most money when selling yours.

Yahoo Style
Meet 4 Women Proudly Breaking the Skinny French Girl Stereotype

We're told there's no woman like the French woman. The French woman is chic. The French woman is understated. And, above all, the French woman is effortless. But what happens when the French woman is fat? It's a question many of the French would rather not contemplate - certainly not Mireille Guiliano.

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