Colins Epie

Web Designer

Location icon United States of America

Hello, my name is Colins Epie and I am a Web Designer who strives for clean and professional designs. I am currently attending The Art Institute of California – Silicon Valley for a bachelors degree in Graphic and web design.
I currently work as a web designer at a development company in Silicon Valley.

Functional Specification

The Stanley glue gun is a piece of equipment that serves the purpose of delivering glue to objects that would not otherwise stick together with a simpler glue. It is an electric gun that is loaded from a hole in the back, with a cylindrical stick of thermoplastic adhesive.

Instructional Guide

This project is an instructional guide for the Jiffy Lube Process showing what the step by step experience is like at any jiffy lube location..

News Article

There are a few who benefit largely from what some might call the injustices of the American prison system. One of such people is Henri Wedell. He is the largest investor in prisons in America. He has been on the board of directors for the Corrections Corporation of America since 2000.

Creative Strategy for a New Advertising Campaign

This project was based on a new creative strategy for a new advertising campaign for an existing company. The chosen company is Starbucks, and the campaign involves marketing towards the family unit, and children in particular.

Three Appeals to Donate Blood

Pathos It is so easy to avoid the sadness that comes with a lost life due to a lack of blood for patients. You could save the life of someone else just by donating a little blood. Feel the joy that comes with helping to save a life.

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