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Colin Richardson

Freelance Finance and Investment Writer

Location icon Canada

I am an intelligent investor, contrarian, and student of value investing. For me, this means to base my reasoning not on speculation but rather on backtested systems and confirmation. I strive to end my days having learned something I didn't know at the start. I then have a passion to share my compounded knowledge through blog posts, articles, newsletters, and many other forms of publishing formats.

Personally, I monitor a quantitative deep value stock portfolio. This allows me to take advantage of mean reversion and avoid many inevitable psychological biases. I have skin in the game, believe in what I say, and practice what I preach.

Lastly, I am committed, hard working, and ready to take on a challenge. Please consider me if you feel I could be of any use to you and your audience.


Investing Blog Posts

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Would you like to invest like John Templeton? He is one of the greatest investors of the 20th century and his funds held more than $13 billion in assets.

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