Colin Burrowes

Award-winning southwestern Ontario journalist


I am an award-winning journalist, author and photographer interested in exploring the world around me. I like long road trips and obscure music.

Since May 2017, I have been writing, reporting and photographing people and happenings throughout southwestern Ontario for the Listowel Banner, the Wingham Advance Times, the Walkerton Herald-Times and the Kincardine Independent.

One of the articles which I wrote while studying journalism at Conestoga College caught some buzz online and was published in an extended format as Buzzcocks: The Lasting Influence of Pete Shelley by the Portland Oregon based publisher Microcosm Publishing. I look forward to more long-form publishing of my work. Click my first link to order a copy from the publisher.

After studying at both Mohawk and Conestoga College I received my journalism diploma in April 2019. Since then, I have been busy writing, researching, photographing, editing and accepting awards recognizing my work.

I have learned to manage my time efficiently, meet deadlines, pitch fresh ideas and adapt to new responsibilities.

Unfortunately some of the examples of my work posted here do not offer the photographs published with the stories originally as they are trapped behind paywalls. I am attempting to show examples of the work I do for free. If you hit a paywall please let me know so I can seek out an alternative source for the story.

Midwestern Newspapers
Exercising my freedom in Toronto, or what I did on my winter vacation

I didn't let the "Freedom Convoy" ruin my vacation. I'm vaxxed and not oppressed. I'm helping my friends, family, neighbours, community and country by being responsible. Most of all I believe I am doing my part to help a health care system that has helped me numerous times.

Midwestern Newspapers
What's in a name? The muddy Maitland's ties to Canada's residential school system

Menesetung is a Chippewa word meaning "laughing waters", a very pleasant name that brings to mind a river that could have been the main source of life for most of us in the Midwestern Newspapers reading area. In fact, it once was. William "Tiger" Dunlop was ordered by the Canada Company's first commissioner, John Galt,...
Continuing discussions of diversity, inclusion, racism in Perth County

PERTH COUNTY - "For many, the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism," Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece wrote in an email to the Listowel Banner regarding concerns first raised by Melissa Bender over a Confederate flag flying in Poole. Bender would see the flag while driving to work in Milverton.

Midwestern News
The homeless experience in North Perth - an introduction - Midwestern News

This is the first in a series of articles allowing local homeless people to discuss their experiences in the community. For their protection aliases are being used. Some language may be offensive to some readers. This article is an introduction to their experience; future articles will deal with their experiences with physical and mental health [...]
The homeless experience in North Perth - encounters with the police

This is the third installment in a series of articles allowing local homeless people to discuss their experiences in the community. For their protection, aliases are being used. This article discusses their experiences with policing in North Perth and contains language some readers may find offensive.
Assisted suicide: 'A very civilized, pleasant, kind process'

The following article contains content and language which may be unsuitable for some readers. Walking into Peter Hagedoorn's room at the Listowel Memorial Hospital on Saturday, Nov. 14 you would have been greeted by a jovial man, content in his accomplishments and comfortable with the decisions he had made in his lifetime, including his choice to end his life on Nov.