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I am a journalist/author interested in exploring the stories happening in the world around me. I like long road trips and music you've probably never heard of.

I have spent the past two years writing, reporting and photographing people and happenings throughout southwestern Ontario for Metroland Media.

One of my articles which I wrote for school has been published in an extended format as Buzzcocks: The Lasting Influence of Pete Shelley by the Portland Oregon based publisher Microcosm Publishing. I look forward to more longform publishing of my work.

I will be receiving my journalism diploma from Conestoga College in April 2019 and am eager to show off my skills in writing, research, photography and editing.

I have learned to manage my time efficiently, meet deadlines, pitch fresh ideas and adapt to new responsibilities.

The world may have lost Pete Shelley but his influence lives on

When artists, musicians, filmmakers or authors release their creations upon the world they never know whether they'll be accepted by the world at large or lost to obscurity. When Peter McNeish, better known to the world as Pete Shelley, co-founded Buzzcocks in Manchester, England in 1976 he may not have been aware of the lasting affect the songs he would help craft would have on musicians and music lovers around the world.
Opinion | Journalism matters, and so does peace, love, and understanding

What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding is a song Nick Lowe first recorded with his band Brinsley Schwarz in 1974. Over the 44 years since it was released it has been covered by too many musicians to count, too many people asking a simple question – what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? On June 28 I read about the song being referenced in a way that really hit close to the bone.

Teenage Head 43 years in and still looking to the future

When Teenage Head released their career-spanning Fun comes Fast compilation in 2017, bassist Steve Mahon made sure he found a Frankie Venom autograph to put on the artwork for the record. Venom, the original vocalist, passed away in October 2008 following a battle with throat cancer.

Bringing Billy Van back to life

It's been a 25-year journey for Stacey Case, a Billy Van super fan. Those who don't recognize Van's name probably aren't fans of Hilarious House of Frightenstein, a children's television series produced by Hamilton's independent station CHCH-TV. All 130 episodes were made in a nine-month span starting in 1971.
Michael Landsberg spreads his #sicknotweak mental health message in Blyth

Landsberg’s goal is to get people to share their experiences with mental illness, so people can become more comfortable talking about their own struggles. “I could get up here and speak about mental illness even if I hadn’t suffered from it, and I could say many of the same things, but it would be lost in translation because you would know I’m not genuine.” said Landserg.
Retired LDSS principal Ron Finch pens historical mystery novel with Perth County influence

“There were still men riding the rail,” said Finch. “This was after the Second World War — I was born during the Second World War. There was a guy that came to our house regularly ... my mom would always go and fix a sandwich for him ... He always came to the back door. He was always polite.” It’s stories like those that Finch wants to capture in his books.

The Addict's Attic, sharing a rough past in hope of a smoother future

"I guess a lot of my childhood years were scary," Matthew McCoy said of his experiences in the hope he might help other people dealing with mental health and addiction issues. "It was traumatic," he said. "The guilt and shame that comes along with something like that is overwhelming.

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Charlie Angus returns to his punk rock roots to announce his NDP leadership bid

You could say that NDP MP Charlie Angus put the "social" back into Canadian Socialism when he announced he was joining the NDP leadership race. On the last Sunday of February, a large crowd of supporters, curious observers, and media squeezed into the back room of Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

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