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C.N. Ramey

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Offbeat creative from the Pacific Northwest exploring new frontiers through writing.

My professional background includes writing articles for Associated Content, ezine articles on oDesk, and PC game content including character biographies and dialogue scenes. In a former life as a producer at an indie game studio, I also wrote web content such as Steam announcements, Kickstarter updates, and customer/vendor communications.

My favored non-fiction subjects include philosophy, nature, psychology, and technology, and my fiction works tend to reflect these interests as well.

Personal Essay
Machine Soul

A philosophical exploration of the moral ramifications of artificial intelligence.

Steam Store
Writing Sample: Store Page Update

SAMPLE: Content Update Blog Post Update written for Dead State: Reanimated Steam store page. Describes features and bug fixes included in the director's cut edition of the game.

Weird Spirit
Writing Sample: Open Letter Response

SAMPLE: Diversity Blog Post Response to a call for submissions by Double Fine Productions regarding methods of improving diversity at their studio, written in open letter format.

Writing Sample: Character Dialogue Scenes

SAMPLE: Multiple dialogue scenes written for a F2P mobile tower defense game “PANIC! In the Multiverse,” previously in development by DoubleBear Productions LLC. These scenes were intended to trigger at milestones in the specific character’s upgrade tree. Heisenberg’s Monster had a unique ‘gambling’-style ability that would either teleport or slow enemies, so I designed the dialogue scenes to provide narrative reasons for this power. .