Angela Tvarozek

Writer, Editor, and Media Consultant

United States

I am currently located in the Washington, DC area as a technical writer. With five years of experience in journalism and content creation, I have practiced my skills in writing and editing, data analysis, and creating communication strategies from my time at the Washington Post, freelancing for publications, and consulting on major projects. In my free time, I enjoy being astronomy, gaming, and music.


Written Work for TREE (Together Restoring Economic Empowerment)

Going Against the Grain for What is Right

By Angela Lewis 2016 Presidential candidate Ben Carson's comments about ancient Egyptian pyramids exposed the need to discuss fact-checking and trusting our government's management of intersectional issues. Recently, the country learned that Ben Carson believed - and still believes - that ancient Egyptian pyramids were used to store grain.

Science clips

Making science magic

Steve Spangler has seen how math and science seem like magic ever since he was a kid. It helped that his dad, who was a scientist and a magician, would show how both magic and science worked together at home.

Science Communication course
A Commitment to STEM Education in D.C. Schools

Implementing initiatives to develop more accessible STEM education for minority students is an important challenge that Washington, D.C. high schools will address in the next few years.

Technology clips

Half the Battle
Video Games Provide a Safe Haven

Many veterans play video games to manage stress upon returning home, and the U.S. military is beginning to use video games as training tool for soldiers.

Sports clips

Hayfield's Overstreet ties record on bars

One year after winning a share of the vault title as a freshman, Overstreet took first in the uneven bars at Saturday's Virginia 6A/5A individual state championships at Salem High with a score of 9.925, tying a state record.

Caps Looking in the Mirror Against Montreal?

The Washington Capitals have not had the best season to date and still find themselves on the outside-looking-in at the playoffs. However, the one team the Caps have had consistent success against has been the Montreal Canadiens.

DJ Steve Porter Putting His Own Spin on Hockey for HNIC

DJ Steve Porter is most well-known from his video mash-ups and remixes on YouTube - mainly "Press Hop" where he fused the infamous Allen Iverson "Practice" speech with other notorious outbursts from athletes and coaches.