Chase LeValley

Mass communication major

Location icon United States

I'm currently enrolled at Wright State University as a senior mass communication major. I want to become a community manager for a video game developer. I have experience in creative writing, script writing, editing, camera work, and video editing.

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Story 1: Why Your Taste in Food Changes

Why Your Taste in Food Changes Over Your Lifetime By Chase LeValley From Have you ever enjoyed a certain food at one point in your life, but as you got older, realized you didn't enjoy that food as much as you once did? There are many different reasons for a change in taste.

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Story 2: Supertasters

Supertasters From Are you or is anyone you know a very picky eater? Do certain foods taste too bitter or too sweet? This is more than likely because you or someone you know is what is known as a supertaster. Supertasters have a heightened sense of taste due to a greater number of t...

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Story 3: Your Mood and Your Appetite

How your mood affects your appetite Chase From Mood can have a significant effect on appetite, determining what you eat, how much you eat or whether you eat at all. Stress, boredom, depression, anger, fear and even happiness can all have an impact on your appetite. In some cas...

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Story 4: Junk food - why do we eat it?

Junk food: Why do we eat it? From We all know junk food is bad for our health, but we continue to eat it. Is it because we simply don't care for our health? Or that we're addicted to unhealthy food?