Clement Kichuk

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United States

My career in marketing, strategic planning, consulting, c-level management and creative writing has allowed me to develop not just a varied set of viewpoints but also a wide range of skills. I have held positions that demanded a big picture
perspective and positions that required
the hands-on development of marketing plans and their implementation.
I have developed market segment analysis, value propositions, proof points
and customer cases.

My skills set and experience includes:
• web layout and content
• product sheets
• POV papers
• brochures for internal and external use
• video production
• voice-overs, narratives and voice acting

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Marketing Collateral

Web Site Development and Content

Clement K
Austin acoustic songwriter folk, Americana, gospel

From the rich soil of folk and Americana my songs are influenced by classical melodic structures and some of the greatest popular music icons. Chapin, Stewart, Diamond, Cohen, Dylan, Simon all contribute to the eclectic mix that is my musical home.

Voice-over / Voice acting (more examples at

Video Production