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Clement Boateng

Content & web editor

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A writer, content & web editor from London based in Stockholm, Sweden.



Mighty Hikes

Contracted to manage, write and edit content for Macmillan new events "Mighty Hikes" using Tridion and Contensis. This involved copyediting, basic HTML, CMS and liaising with clients for content and information.


This is an example of Inspiration content I write for Hurtigruten Travel cruise. Translated and edited to fit towards English speaking market. Designed to inform and inspire readership.

Corporate Events - List of Life
List of Life

While working for List of Life limited I was in charge of writing product descriptions and web pages. Writing content tailored to different customers advertising the service list of life could supply to all customers.

Blog Posts

Ten things I wish someone had told me before I moved to Sweden

Sweden, much, much colder than you think. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT British writer Clement Boateng loves his new life in Sweden. He just wishes someone had warned him about these ten things first... I am a London-boy born and raised, now currently living and nesting in Stockholm in the hope of a new life, new career, new adventure and new experiences.

7 Ways to get the Most out of London

Posted by 3. Sarah, 16th January 2015 Guest Post London is a big city with lots to offer, and can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide what to actually do with your time. From incredible shows to endless attractions...not to mention the food and drink...how on Earth do you decide what to do with just a few days in the city?

11 Money Saving Tips for Students

So your Student Loan has dropped into your bank account. You've bought your friends a round of drinks at Freshers, bought that PS4 you wanted for so long and that expensive Topman shirt for that Freshers Finale. Then a couple weeks go by and you realize you may not be as rich as you first thought now.

The Metropolist
Al Frescso Action: The UK's top 6 rooftop terrace bars - The Metropolist

It's no secret that with summer, comes the almost unbearable heat wave. Which leads to the question why would anyone want to be stuck in a sweat box suffocated in somebody else's armpit odour (and let's be honest we've all been there before) when you can enjoy open space, great food, good vibes and beautiful ...