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Clayton Truscott

Writer / Communications Professional

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Writer/copywriter with a background in journalism and storytelling.

Digital Commerce 360
Alexa: The name a new generation of shoppers will call for everything

Adam is almost two years old. He speaks a mix of English and his own made-up words. Each day he gets more confident. At night, his parents read to him from books with big pictures and words. This is helping him learn the names of animals, colors. Things like that.

The Sober Realist's Guide to Traveling With An Infant

In my twenties, I wrote a lot about traveling with kids and pets. I didn't have any of my own, but that didn't stop me from churning out articles by the dozen. Top 10's, How To's, online features, all delivered with confidence and a sense of resolve.

These Walking Blues
Cape Lookout - A Short Story - These Walking Blues

According to Oregon State Park Rangers, you should do the following if you see a cougar in the wild: 1. Freeze. 2. Remain calm. 3. Maintain eye contact. 4. Appear large; bulk out your clothing, raise your hands 5. Fight back if attacked. 6. Make noise. 7. Keep children close.

In His Words: Rusty Preisendorfer

Photo by John Durant Rusty Preisendorfer shaped his first surfboard in La Jolla during the winter of 1969. Forty thousand boards later, he's a household name around the world, and this month he's being inducted into the Surfers' Hall of Fame. We asked the San Diegan to tell us what he's learned over the years.

FRANK TALK: Employee Spotlight and Weenie Roast with Dustin Daniel - Netrush

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they roast a campfire hotdog. Frank Talk takes a look at hotdog selection, cooking style, condiment choice, and how they hold a conversation. In our latest employee spotlight series, FRANK TALK, we're putting some fun back into the interview process.

Destination: Joshua Tree

Photos by Marina Chavez and Taryn Kent As the myth of Joshua Tree's allure has solidified over time, there's been an influx of artists and industry professionals who've relocated to the Joshua area. The result has been an emergence of prime rental properties situated within easy reach of the national park.

Welcome to NetRush - The Digital Retail Agency

NetRush is a digital retail agency. We drive sales for brands by making their stories come alive on the Amazon marketplace. Visit to start a conversation.

Business: Brian Fahmie of Game Complex

Brian Fahmie holds a sketch for his exciting new concept. But don't steal-it's patented. | Photo by Robert Benson The concept of playing a life-sized video game, where you're able to physically enter the surreal worlds depicted on TV screens, has been in our collective imagination for a long time.

Zigzag/ The Big Issue
Pavlov's Shark: Big Mouths And Sharp Points

Shark attacks have increased radically over the past two decades. No arguing that. But the reason for the spike is up for debate. Anton Louw and Clayton Truscott take opposite sides of the table.

Zigzag Magazine
Brazil Shakes the World

Before the US Open started last week, former event winner and World Tour campaigner, Shea Lopez, predicted the Brazilians would dominate. The basis of his reasoning was simply, "they want it more." This might sound like a heavy call, especially when you know how badly every pro surfer wants to win.

Sports Trader
Beating The Odds: Interviews With Ryan Sandes & Geniel De Villiers

The Dakar Rally and Racing the Planet are the world’s top two endurance competitions, says Time magazine — and both were won by South Africans. CLAYTON TRUSCOTT found out how Giniel de Villiers and Ryan Sandes beat all odds to win in the world’s toughest adventure competitions.

The Inertia
When Is It Acceptable To Ditch Work To Go Surfing? (And How to Make it Ok)

Mother Nature can be a cruel when it comes to surf trips. There are times when you've done all the hard work: studied a location's history of swell activity, scrutinized the barometric trends down to last hectopascal, and planned your vacay during the optimal period for swell size and direction...

Joshua Tree for the uninitiated

Alien-looking landscape on the park's Barker Dam trail. There are few things as graceless as someone begging for help with pure and unbridled fear in their eyes. Which about sums up my position at Indian Cove Campground during the waning hours of a Friday afternoon, as I peered over the ledge of a house-sized boulder.

Zigzag Magazine
Tamarin Bay: Localism Explained

Mauritius is home to a collection of world class waves, but the notorious locals dubbed 'the white shorts' have made things unpleasant for many surfers who have visited. Back in 2015, after returning from his ninth trip to the Indian Ocean island, Craig Jarvis shared a few '

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