Claudia Elisa López

Corporate Communications Professional

Location icon Mexico

I am a graduate from the MA in Corporate Communications and PR from the University of Leeds, UK. My interest is to pursue a career in Corporate / Internal / Marketing Communications, contributing to the success of individuals and organizations.

Academic Work
Press Release Example 2

This press release addresses the fictitious launch of a new product from Boots UK. A Merit grade was obtained.

Academic Work
Example of PR Campaign Planning

This assignment presents the potential campaign planning for Digidub Productions, a ficticious production company based in the UK. The assignment was submitted along with other essential sections of campaign planning, such as objectives, identification of key stakeholders, key messages, and other events and activities to promote the company.

Academic Work
Brand Analysis: Urbanears

This paper analysis why is Urbanears considered a cool brand in the UK. Based on academic sources and investigation, it deconstructs the brand. It obtained a Distinction grade.

Academic Work
Social Media Review

In this assignment I explored how I managed my Social Media during a 6 month period. The assignment got a grade of 84, an outstanding Distinction.

Academic Work
Crisis Communication Analysis

This paper explores the response from HSBC to the crisis it confronted from the years 2005-2015, culminating with the 'Swiss Leaks' Scandal. This assignment obtained a Distinction grade.

Academic Work
Press Release Example 1

This press release was submitted as a part of the Academic Coursework for the MA Corporate Communications and PR. The subject addressed is fictitious and created only for the purposes of the assignment.

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