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Lead designer on 'Story of O.J.' video tells us what it's like to work with Jay-Z

Jay-Z's visuals for "The Story of O.J." feels like an important moment in the history of rap music. The second track off of Hov's controversial album 4:44 serves as an educational, racial, and financial depiction of the identity of African-Americans. The video, which was exclusively available on Tidal, went public on Youtube last week allowing wide access to the content.

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Du-Rag Renaissance: The world's greatest fashion statement is back

The du-rag is making a comeback and we should all be stupid hype. The du-du dates back to the 19th century when the less fortunate (slaves and poor laborers) needed something to tie their hair back with. Fast forward to the 1930s, the "tie back hair du preserve" became common in households during the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance.

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#WCW - Meredith Perry Founder of uBeam

This is the woman that may kill the power cord. Meredith Perry is the founder of uBeam, a technology that uses ultrasound to transmit power over the air to charge electronic devices without wires.

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Meet Setor Tsikudo, the NYC photographer with an unmatched drive

If you mix self-belief, creativity, and intuition and apply that combination to your vision, success will be attainable. For NYC photographer Setor Tsikudo these are the ingredients that have allowed him to snap pictures of famous music artists and their fans at the wildest events.

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Earth is COOKED: Hurricane Irma, earthquakes, and mass extinction

The end of summer 2017 is proving to be catastrophic. It has many concerned as the recent weather seems like an apocalyptic forecast. Hurricanes are ripping through the southern coast of America and in the Caribbean, wildfires have been raging on the west coast, and earthquakes are shaking people up in Idaho and Mexico.

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Who is Smooky MarGielaa? The 15-year-old rapper co-signed by A$AP Rocky

What would you do if you were getting hella bands as a 15-year-old? Well, it's safe to say South Bronx rapper Smooky MarGielaa is not having the average teenage summer. Recently receiving an A$AP Rocky co-sign, Smooky MarGielaa is young, fly, and coming for ya neck. MarGielaa is all about his shmoney.

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From Marcy to Millions: How Hov became the ultimate businessman

Jay-Z went from being a hustler on the streets of Brooklyn to an international icon. How does a rapper out of the Marcy Projects become a mogul? Genius marketing. Over the years, Hov has managed to market himself and his brand by collaborating with the right companies and people.

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F*ck gentrification: An ode to the 'sour guy' at your local bodega

This is for the real ones still posted on the block. They tryna take away what we love most and gentrify the place where we cop. How could you replace a family run businesses with a box full of nonperishables like Twinkies and socks? What the fuck?

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Meet the Swedish graffiti artist swagging out your favorite rapper

Imagine your favorite hip-hop star spray painted on a warm colored brick wall canvas. Now put yourself in Stockholm, Sweden, a far place from the native home of hip-hop, which is now the world's leading genre. What do you see? Imagine Kendrick Lamar's bust being spray painted on a wall in a colorful range of colors by John Beijer.