Clarence Reynolds

Communications Leader

United States

Clarence Reynolds has built a career as an award-winning journalist, writer, and communications professional. He has excelled at broadcast production, on-air hosting, and senior communications. Clarence has served as Communications and/or Editorial Director for three associations and has worked as a News Anchor at NBC Atlanta and FOX Indianapolis. Clarence is currently a reporter, creating thoughtful content about the present and future impact of technological advances on society.

White Paper: Securing the Software Supply Chain

Supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, with multiple news stories raising alarm. In these attacks, a vendor is compromised, and malicious software is released to their user base, resulting in untold damage.

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INSIGHT: Telecom Industry Must Develop Trustworthy 5G Equipment Supply Chains - TIA Online

The telecom industry must do all it can to safeguard the nation's telecommunications systems in light of coming 5G changes and pending federal rules, David Stehlin, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association says. Industry has an opportunity to address supply chain security through industry-driven standards and programs. I may be new to Washington, but I...

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TIA Sets the Foundation for Smart Buildings at MWC Barcelona - TIA Online

This year MWC Barcelona was full of the usual bustle, but TIA stood out among the conversations about next-gen networks by leading the discussion around one of 5G's most essential components - Smart Buildings. As TIA positions itself to be a catalyst for Smart Building development, the TIA/MWC partner program, Smart Buildings & 5G: The Use Case , was a critical success.