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Clare Langrishe

Marketing | Communications | Copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

Explore. Dream. Discover...

For me, it's all about being creative! I've got seven years of experience delivering marketing and communications to drive business development and enhance brands.

I thrive in creative environments, and organisations where I can really have hands-on impact in growing brands and offering strategic insight. A wordsmith, I love playing around with words – crafting stories and clever copy to hook people in.

I'm a bit of an arts and culture geek, as well as an outdoors lover. In my spare time, you can find me, and my adventurer spirit, exploring outside, hiking, skiing, and more. That, or blogging for The Rootist (my personal blog), or checking out the latest creative events in town.

Contact: [email protected]




Landing Page Copywriter

Blog posts

ILSC Education Group Blog
Which Canadian City is Right For You?

At ILSC, it's all about you. Your educational goals, your interests, and your experience. A location can really make or break your learning adventure, and with so many cities with so much to offer, it can be hard to make a choice.

Pure Image Technology Solutions Ltd.
CEDIA Expo 2017: Luxeport, Vicoustic, & More - Pure Image Technology Solutions Ltd.

CEDIA Expo: the bringing together of thought leaders, influencers, professionals, and industry leaders in the home automation community. CEDIA's the destination to catch pioneering, breakthrough innovations and see the future of home automation in action. With new products constantly emerging,...Read more

Pure Image Technology Solutions Ltd.
The Dawn Of Voice Control - Pure Image Technology Solutions Ltd.

Voice control: the latest innovation in the evolution of smart homes. Chances are, you've come across one of the many digital assistants now popping up on the market; and it might not be long before you're thinking of integrating one...Read more

VCAD Fashion Design Alumni in Sustainability Showcase

Three budding fashion designers from VCAD participated in a showcase at this year's 6th National Fair Trade Conference - a conference dedicated to the growth and success of Fair Trade in Canada. The conference is run by Canadian Fair Trade Network - an organization committed to implementing global change through fair trades initiatives.

Reeves College | Unlock your marketing potential with our new Social Media & Web Marketing...

As the pivotal shift to online advertising continues to dominate, employers are in need of the skilled professionals to run effective online and social media marketing campaigns, and make sense of digital data to optimize marketing efforts. Reeves College is excited to announce the launch of the Social Media & Web Marketing program to train you for a career in this fast-evolving field.

The Rootist
Creativity versus data - a fine balance

First things first. This is not a 35 minute read, so don't be deterred from reading on - the automated estimator is awry this time. But it does allow me to get to my point rather nicely - let's not always rely on data. Creativity is key.

The Rootist
Architectural footprints

So why have glass exteriors become such a backbone of our urban landscapes? We're a narcissistic society where we've developed a peculiar fondness for looking at our reflections in the glass? Remember Narcissus from Greek mythology? His vanity caused him to come to a miserable end....lured to a pool, he fell in love with his own reflection and couldn't detach himself from it.

The Chameleon of Gemstones

Tourmaline, one of October's birthstones is curiously colourful and has earned a devoted following in the gemological world. Combining a bit of a mysterious backstory, with some mesmerizing colours, this gemstone species also has some rather quirky properties.

Print materials

Abstract art of the bold and beguiling kind - Joyce Ozier

Bold and beguiling. Words that spring to mind when catching a glimpse of the abstract art produced by Vancouver-based artist, Joyce Ozier. Her imaginative compositions, complete with engulfing expanses and explosions of colour, are sure to be any contemporary lover's dream. Now a Kabuni featured artist, we're delighted to showcase Joyce's art in our online Kabuni catalogue.

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