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Clare is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Panoptic. She is currently undertaking the Press Association's NCTJ Journalism Diploma after recently graduating with a BA in History from the University of Warwick. Passionate about journalism, Clare has written both for her student paper, The Boar, and completed academic research. Clare encourages investigative journalism and in particular with regard to politics.

The Panoptic
Plastic Free July

Plastic is the enemy. Well, single-use plastics are and as the planet is getting more and more overrun, we have to realise just how much we depend upon it and make a change. It seems impossible to get away from plastic once you notice it, from unrecyclable toothpaste tubes to cellophane, we use plastic like it's going out of fashion.

The Panoptic
#StopHate: the London Trump protest in pictures

An estimated 250,000 people hit the streets of London yesterday to protest President Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom. The streets were filled with cheers, singing, and angry chants as the demonstrators marched from the BBC building in W1A down to Trafalgar Square.

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Protest Song by Tim Price at the Camden People's Theatre

There wasn't time to take a breath before Protest Song had begun and we were firmly in Danny's world. Sat in the front row, it never felt like theatre you simply watched, we the audience were no more an ornament than the stage décor and infinitely more integral to the story.

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Running in London's polluted air

Regular exercise is needed to remain fit and healthy, but the rise of pollution in major cities across the world brings risks. At the end of January 2018 London had already reached its legal air pollution limit for the entire year. Exercise, like running outdoors, requires increased levels of oxygen.

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Exeter Law Students exposed in 'vile, twisted' group chat

Five male students have been suspended from the university of Exeter after being exposed trading racist and sexist slurs on a WhatsApp chat, leading to a major investigation by the university, and police involvement. The messages were sent by members of the university's Bracton Law Society (BLS) and joked about minorities, women, and rape on the 'Dodgy Blokes Soc' group chat.

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Weinstein, #MeToo, and the men caught in the middle

When does it become obvious you are part of the problem? With the extensive and ongoing revelations surrounding Weinstein, and other men in positions of power, we've had countless commentary pieces and even a viral social media campaign, #MeToo.

The Panoptic

Gozo is a vivid, Technicolor dream in which a young couple, who are madly in love, run away to the eponymous Maltese island. Soon, however, it becomes clear that they are running from a sordid past in which Joe's (Joseph Kennedy) scorned ex-lover killed herself after finding the two of them.

The Panoptic
The Death of Diplomacy: Trump vs. May

It is 12:43 in London, and we've just been attacked. Stabbed in the back might be more accurate, as we see the death of our special relationship, and with it the end of traditional diplomacy.

The Panoptic
An Interview: Miranda Bowen

Miranda Bowen, director of the award-winning 'Gozo', had a fantastic chat with Clare Clarke and James Baxter-Derrington about her wonderful collaborative project and her love of psychological horror. I really enjoyed the film, I think it captured that isolated feeling really well - but to start with, how did you get the idea for the film?

The Panoptic
Her Composition

Her Composition is a surprisingly positive, while brutally honest, depiction of womanhood and the escort industry. Using various creative mediums, the story follows the breakdown of composition student Malorie's (Joslyn Jensen) regimented life, who is left without a job, boyfriend, or her original composition after the first 'movement'.

The Panoptic
Anti-Trump Pro-Love: Women's March in London

From Grosvenor to Trafalgar Square, a march against Trump, with an estimated 100,000 people in attendance, occurred in London yesterday. For a march against something, the atmosphere of love and hope in the crowd was particularly striking. Yes, they were against Trump - but it was not a march of despair.

The Panoptic
Godless: a Classic Western with a Twist

is a classic Western, with a twist. Bringing fully fleshed characters, and a landscape to die for (literally), this could and should be your latest Netflix binge. Godless, set in 1884, follows the rivalry of two gunslingers, Roy Goode and Frank Griffin, and a little town of La Belle in New Mexico that gets swept up in their feud.

The Panoptic
An Interview: Stephan Littger

Do you think your German upbringing influenced the film in anyway? I don't know - you tell me? I personally couldn't see it - I don't know, because now I've lived more outside of Germany than inside. So it's really interesting. I ask myself that everyday, like what are the different influences.

The Panoptic
13 Reasons Why

A show that both embodies and defies teenage cliché, 13 Reasons Why tackles the suicide of a girl, Hannah Baker, and her reasons why she did it. It is a gripping drama that questions the accountability of each person in turn over thirteen episodes, a mystery for the viewer and protagonist.

The Panoptic
The Six Thatchers - Sherlock's unremarkable return

There's nothing more disappointing than a great show being crushed by the weight of its former grandeur. The first episode of season four of Sherlock was just that, leaving me more emotionally shaken by the disappointment I felt rather than the death I witnessed.

The Boar
6% of Warwick students take drugs 'almost daily'

Ten students were caught with drugs on campus last year according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted by the Boar. Over the past five years there has been a varying amount of students caught using or possessing illegal drugs on campus - ranging from less than 5 to a spike of 24 in 2013/14.

The Panoptic

Hortensia is an Argentinian film full of charm, quirkiness, and is somewhat confusing. Let this not deter you, as the eponymous character Hortensia is played by Camila Romagnolo, whose comedic timing is perfect and irreplaceable. Romagnolo is also joined by a superb cast, all of whom are so fit for their roles you would think their parts were written for them.

The Panoptic
An Interview: Eric Juhola

We chat with Eric Juhola about his documentary 'Growing Up Coy'. Eric gives an insight into the making of a three year on-and-off feature and the difficulties he faced when attempting to document such a difficult topic with a young family. What drew you to transgender issues to start with?

The Panoptic
The Dark Mile Review

Set against a cold but stunning Scottish landscape, The Dark Mile brings us a tense thriller that strives to be something more than your average suspense movie (and fails). The plot follows a couple, Claire and Louise, as they try to escape from the trauma of losing a baby.

The Boar
Warwick academics protest Israeli spokesperson

Warwick academics from across the University have signed a letter protesting the visit of an Israeli embassy spokesperson at a Warwick International Relations Society debate. The debate, 'Question Time: Israel and Palestine' is being held today (19th January) and offers three guest views on the topic of Israel and Palastine.

The Boar
Over half of sexually active students not tested

A new survey has found that more than half of sexually active students have never been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Despite this, 63% have had unprotected sex. The survey consisted of just under 1,200 students from across the country, and was carried out on the popular student network site, The Student Room (TSR).

The Panoptic
In Another Life

In Another Life brings characters to life who are not defined by their refugee status, presenting a beautifully shot feature film about life in the Calais jungle and how Syrian Adnan came to be there. Adnan (played fantastically by Edie Haddad) is a lovable realist, who proclaims at the start of the film, 'in another life I was a teacher, now I'm a refugee'.

The Panoptic
Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes recounts the real life events of a 1973 tennis match between top women's player Billie Jean King and previous Wimbledon champion Billy Riggs. As one of the most watched tennis matches of all time, the events themselves are exciting enough without the movie adaption.

The Panoptic

This is not a film about Iggy Pop. It's not even a film about a man who loves Iggy Pop. It is an exploration of what it means to be alive, of what drives a person, and ultimately trying to capture the unexplainable.