Claire Louise Sheridan

Music Journalist

Location icon Australia

I am a freelance music journalist with a passion for bands and artists loosely fitting into the alternative rock and emo niche. Throughout a seven year career, I have covered festivals and events across three different continents. Highlights of my career have included covering Sixthman music cruises for Rock Sound magazine, writing for the Ticketmaster UK blog, and interviewing major artists for an independent online publication at Download Festival.

Talents include telling a compelling story through features, reviews, blogs and interviews.

Bring the Noise UK

The Faim are one of those bands that have absolutely exploded onto the scene in a short space of time, but it's not too late to say that you were there from the beginning. After their incredible performance at this year's Download Festival, we were lucky enough to catch up with Mike and Stevie from...

ATP! Album Review: Paramore - S/T

Firstly, let's just get rid of the elephant in the room. Yes, Paramore has changed. Not just in the whole semi-awkward "we lost two members" kind of way, but also musically. But so what? Let's face it, a lot can change in almost four years.

Hysteria Magazine
HOMESICK // Terra Nullius

In a genre that's often plagued with the problematic, it's a refreshing change of scene to be greeted-or make that shoved head first-into a record like Terra Nullius. MORE: HALLOWEEN HYSTERIA: Your Guide To The Best Gig This October // DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2019: The International Acts We Would Love

Rock Sound Magazine
14 Things That Went Down On Board Parahoy: Deep Search 2018

Did you miss out on Parahoy 2018? Or were you there and are just desperate to relive your five magical days on board? Either way, we have the goods. Put over 2,700 Paramore fans on a ship headed to the Bahamas, and chaos could easily ensue.

Rock Sound Magazine
11 Things We Learned On Paramore's Parahoy! Cruise

For those who don't know, Parahoy! presents the opportunity to see Paramore - and a whole host of other bands - on board a real live cruise ship. Rock Sound was lucky enough to return for the second voyage and boy, was it worth it! We learned a lot. Namely that...

Rock Sound Magazine
10 Things We Learned On Warped Rewind At Sea

Vans Warped Tour. On a boat. Yep, things got crazy. And we were there. They say Warped Tour is essentially a punk rock summer camp, but now they've taken things even further.

Bring the Noise UK
FESTIVAL REVIEW: Download Festival 2018

When it comes to all things alternative in the UK, there's really nothing bigger or better than Download Festival. It's got it all - the Gods of Rock, up-and-coming bands, and everything from the WWE NXT to sideshows in between. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a heavy music fan, this is the...

Backyard Opera
AM//PM: Sydney's Emo Scene Is Alive & Well In 2018

Like a phoenix from the lockout ashes, Sydney's emo scene is rising again. It's no secret that the 2014 legislation curtailing the city's nightlife had devastating effects on the city's night-time economy, but all is not lost. It's Saturday night on July 28, 2018.