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Claire Jones

StoryTeller, Self-Improvement, Personal Development, Inspirational and Motivational Content Writer

Location icon United States

Claire Jones is a 56 year-old female writer and artist. She is a homeschooling homemaker who resides in New Hampshire with her family. She enjoys creating inspirational art, writing inspirational/motivational and lifestyle pieces.
Claire has written for, MOD Magazine, and posted at Thrive Global to name a few.

Over the last two years, her mission in life was clarified after a devastating health diagnosis. The journey to heal and recover, which is still ongoing, led her deep within on a journey of self-discovery. Her writings and art tend to reflect this new way of being. Claire's goal is to share wisdom gained through overcoming tremendous hardships and obstacles.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Crush Them!

Life is unpredictable at every turn. Instead of trying to manipulate its unforeseeable trajectory, time is better spent by living it. Thus, last December when my life was unceremoniously upended, it took me a moment to stabilize and regenerate. Out of nowhere, a few days before Christmas, my husband was jobless.

Let Your Dreams Propel You Through Valleys and Over Mountains

Each one of us has a light within that radiantly burns; it never goes out. Life's challenges and inconsistencies may weigh you down, but let your dreams catapult you beyond all mental, physical, and psychological limitations - be merciless in your pursuit of self-actualization.