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Claire Ellis


Location icon United States

As a young child, I wanted to explore the ocean and write books about what I discovered.

Today, I maintain that sense of wonder and desire to discover along with the writing and design skills to back it up. Currently, I major in Psychology and English at the University of Southern Indiana. I am proficient in research, writing, and document creation and design.

I am a great student and will make an even better employee. Not only do I work hard to perfect any project I work on, but I always finish it in a timely manner. My organization skills have helped me create my own calendar systems and ways of keeping track of information.

Magazine Article

Two page magazine spread about intellectual property in the workplace

Exercise Flyer

Informational Flyer demonstrating both writing and design skills

Organization Flyers

Flyers utilized by KESHO, a charity organization at USI demonstrating design skills


Informational brochure aimed at students demonstrating design and writing skills