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I’m a content person who excels at connecting people and ideas. My diverse communications background combines content strategy, public relations, digital production, inbound marketing, project management, and journalism.

In 2009, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University’s Center for Publishing with an advanced degree in digital media publishing. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language from the College of William & Mary in Virginia and a Cert.TESOL from Trinity College London.

Since beginning my digital career at an online educational startup in Prague, Czech Republic, I have held senior editorial positions at top online media companies; consulted on digital communications best practices for leading nonprofits; guided content marketing operations at some of D.C.’s “most innovative” tech startups; and conceived, built and managed integrated campaigns for New York Times bestselling authors.

Most recently, I was Director of Content Marketing at, the first digital identity network that allows consumers to prove who they are online while controlling how their information is shared with brands.

Currently I am a senior marketing consultant at Maestro Group, a sales + marketing alignment consultancy I co-founded. We help brands discover the common thread that runs through every part of their customer journey—from first touch to post-purchase—delivering a systematic framework and compelling messaging that drives more sales, faster.


A little more about me

Innermetrix Values Index
Very High Theoretical

Passionate about learning for its own sake. Continually in learning mode and bring a very high degree of technical or knowledge base credibility.

Innermetrix Disc Index
Innermetrix Disc Index

Able to accomplish complex tasks by working enthusiastically with people. Has ability to take the seed of an idea and make it develop into a successful solution. Shows the rare ability to handle both the people-side and the detail-side of a project with equal poise and confidence. Selected Work Content Plan

What’s the goal of this document? These guidelines are designed to make the content creation process as simple and efficient possible for the stakeholders at as well as Contently’s storytellers and managing editor. This document will serve as a common resource for all members of’s content team to use when ideating, writing, and editing content for publication.

SXSW PanelPicker
Bringing Uber and Lyft Back to Austin

For the first time since their arrival in 2014, Uber and Lyft won't be operating in Austin during SXSW. Austinites and visitors alike wonder about the future of ridesharing in the city and nationwide. The answer to this question comes back to identity: trust, but verify.

Hilsinger-Mendelson: Pitches, Proposals & Campaigns I've Worked On

Book/Author Publicity Campaigns

Nation’s pre-eminent independent literary public relations firm with 30+ year history and track record of producing several hundred national bestsellers. Firm offers high-end, fully integrated print and e-book publicity and digital/social media campaigns that capture mindshare and build brands for authors, thought leaders, and emerging voices. Clients included New York Times bestseller Dr. Pam Peeke, The Hunger Fix; The Weinstein Company’s Bully; The Kurt Vonnegut Estate; Nigella Lawson;...

Client Placement: How Gadgets Ruin Relationships and Corrupt Emotions

This is about more than an issue of gadget etiquette or a lack of consideration for others; it's about connection. While our electronic gadgetry is keeping us more connected in some ways, it is a shallow connection because applications are set up for the splitting of attention.

Various Writing Samples

PR vs. Advertising: Still the Same Competition?

Forbes just published a piece discussing, in some detail, " the real difference between PR and advertising." This realness in difference begins with an old saying: "Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for." Or, boiled down even further, advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media.

Bank Street - News

Posted by Claire Daniel on November 22, 2011 Author Jeff Kinney inspires students in the School for Children and observers all over the world. In the world of children's literature, Jeff Kinney and his character Greg Heffley are rock stars, evidenced by the fact that the latest book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, is currently outpacing Steve Jobs' biography on Amazon.

How Saying 'No' Will Help You Find Love

By Claire Daniel, Tue, 2009-09-08 17:13. You are in a state. "Pangs of love," you say as you roll over on the couch, pantomiming stab motions to the heart. Your roommate looks bemused. It's the third or fourth date, and you've ...

Official Blog
Macy's Millenial Push Should Say "I Do" to Price Discrimination

Macy's is unrolling an "All Things Wedding" campaign as part of an attempt to halt several quarters of sales declines, foster cross selling and "build ongoing loyalty with millennial customers." The department store chain is stepping up its nuptials game in the hopes of winning a bigger slice of the $60 billion U.S.

Official Blog
Opinion: Uber and Lyft could be safer than taxis-if they want to be

When it comes to earning the public's trust in rider safety who is more deserving-traditional taxis or ridesharing apps, such as Uber or Lyft? It's a tricky question, and one that's Founder and CEO Blake Hall explores for The Daily Dot in their feature series " The Future of Ride-Hailing."

Bank Street - News

Posted by Claire Daniel on February 06, 2012 On Saturday, February 4, over 60 educators braved the first snowstorm of 2012 to participate in The 12thAnnual Language Series opening workshop, The Language of Sequential Art: Comics in the Classroom.

Campaign/Event Programming

YourTango's Break Up With Your Ex Pitch

YourTango, the leading brand for love and relationships, proposes a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show (Oprah) focused on the first annual “Break Up With Your Ex Day" featuring Andrea Miller and Dr. Laura Berman. WHAT: To offer solidarity to anyone who is still attached to an ex and could use some help liberating herself, YourTango is promoting February 13, the day before Valentine's Day, as the national, first annual "Break Up With Your Ex Day."

Event Details
Fashion Week Champagne Breakfast

There’s no better time than Fashion Week to understand that first (and last) impressions are everything. Are you making the most of it this September? Before leaving New York, spend the morning with career expert and former Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate White at her Manhattan town house for a champagne breakfast. Come dressed to impress, and with your business cards and burning career questions in tow.

Case Study
Advertising Campaign

To raise awareness, generate excitement and drive sales for Zestra.

How to be "That Girl" Event Programming

Kate White's Google+ HOA. Featured panelists include:’s Rachel Sklar, Women’s Health EIC Michele Promaulayko, entrepreneur and psychotherapist Bea Arthur of Pretty Padded Room, Brand Consulting Agency RedAntler’s Emily Heyward, LearnVest's head of financial planning Stephany Kirkpatrick, and fashion blogger Lindsey Calla.


NYT Best-Selling Author and Former Media Executive
Kate White

"I can't recommend Claire highly enough and I would check every box if I could. "

Communications Director at 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative
Lou Ann Sabatier

"Super smart, unconventional, creative, dependable...just a few of the adjectives that describe Claire."

Founder & CEO,
Blake Hall

"... a tremendous asset for any organization fortunate enough to hire her."

Partner Success Manager at
Paula Levine

"Claire is a natural agent of change and her constant pursuit of excellence will make her a high impact player on any team."

Margeaux Baulch Klein

"Claire is one of the hardest-working editors and marketing gurus around."

Executive Director at Book Industry Study Group, NYU Adjunct Professor
Brian O'Leary

"She's the kind of person you always want on your team. She is also the kind of person you never want to have on the other team."

Steph Auteri

"During our time together, Claire was a powerhouse. In meetings, she was innovative, providing the company with new content and marketing ideas that were solid gold..."

Bank Street
Seena Berg

"...creative and innovative ideas over multiple meetings."

Senior Advisor, Office of the President Bank Street
John Borden

"...her impact was significant."

Owener, Gammon & Grange
Wray Fitch

"Claire, is a very capable and talented writer. She is bright and learns new areas quickly. She is also personable and pleasant to work with."

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