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Originally from North East England, Claire now lives in South Australia with her husband, two beautiful boys and one crazy dog. She’s a writer, teacher, craftaholic and lover of all things Disney

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How to Handle Tears at the Kinder Drop Off | Mum Central

I already know how it's going to go. I'll take him in and do the whole bag on the shelf, kiss, cuddle, goodbye. Then he'll stand at the door and cry his little eyes out, begging for me to please not leave him. I'll walk out an emotional wreck while both our hearts break a little.

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The Hunky Uncle v Too-Cute Toddler Battle You Just Have to See

"Some of his modelling pics are hilarious," she tells Huffington Post , "but he doesn't take himself too seriously which is good because I get such a kick out of recreating them with Augie." Behm posts a new image to Insta page #babyandthebody every week and currently has over 70,000 followers.

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KonMari Who? 5 Hilarious Real Mum Tips for Decluttering your House

Especially if you have a rogue child on the loose who makes a game out of unrolling everything you've just rolled. Or declaring that they suddenly LOVE everything you are trying to toss. We hear you mamas. And we've got you covered. Presenting our top five Mum Central tips for getting organised, the easy way.

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10 Hilarious Times Elf on the Shelf Went Horribly Wrong

When you think about doing the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, you might worry about things like: will I be able to think up enough funny positions to make it to Christmas? Will I even remember to move the damn thing in the first place?

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These Are the Coolest Baby Names for 2019... Honest | Mum Central

But that's not all. There's a whole list of sneaker names that Baby Center reckon might just sneak up on us. Try on Chuck and Taylor for size. No? How about Nike names Max, Jordan Monarch or Cortez? From the Adidas shoe stable comes Falcon, Stan and Smith.

'I felt like it was only a matter of time before things went wrong'

The emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy after loss. "Congratulations, you're definitely pregnant," the doctor confirmed. Then, after a few seconds of complete silence: "is this good news or...?" I think my complete lack of a reaction took him by surprise a little.

The most heartbreaking question you have probably asked

Many of us have asked questions like this one, but Claire Bugeja shares with us her experiences of being on the receiving end that might just make us all stop and think before we ask again. We've all heard it; many of us have even done it.

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7 baby firsts you won't see on milestone charts

As a parent, you're probably only too familiar with the lists of developmental milestones you're supposed to watch out for, as well as general timetables for when they should be happening. These are usually things like baby's first tooth, baby's first words and baby's first steps.

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10 mums share their breastfeeding blunders

Breastfeeding - it's so natural and beautiful, right? Well, not always! Sometimes things just go wrong. Sometimes your baby comes off the boob mid-feed and your milk squirts so hard it hits the ceiling. Sometimes you accidentally squirt your baby, yourself, the dog.