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I’ve been writing since I was a tiny spooky child, I’ve always wanted to use my skills to give back to a vibrant and ever-growing community of theater fans, our fans, and whatever else good people are interested in.

This will be a place to collect my writing from around the web, and produce new content and review material on things that interest me and hopefully all of you!

Experienced in blog content, creative writing, editing, SEO, and B2C/B2B communication.

Experience the Music of the Macabre in the LA Opera's Scare Pair

The LA Opera's Scare Pair is a creative and entertaining re-telling of Edgar Allen Poe's "Fall of the house of Usher" and Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost in the form of two short operas by Gordon Getty. It's a clever use of the operatic medium to tell the classic, macabre tales.

The Study Explores Fear with a Shaky Outcome - Fringe Festival 2018

MB Productions The Study premieres at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. It uses a scientific study to tell the story of a group of hapless teenagers walking into a modern-day slasher movie as the audience observes and dictates the action in real time.

Bringing Immersive Home: An Interview with the Mind Behind Metaforyou

Haunting's Cristen Brinkerhoff interviews Terence Leclere, the founder of LA's Metaforyou, a company dedicated to implementing immersive theatre in small and large-scale environments. #metaforyou will take an idea and design an immersive experience around it, or staff actors for immersive installations.

Immersion & Innovation: After Hours' One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

It's 1963, and I'm being led through a set of sliding doors at the Oregon State Hospital to my new home. I'm neatly dressed in a dusty blue uniform along with my fellow patients, a nervous grouping of outsiders, unsure of what lies ahead. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest I'm not crazy.

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