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The Benefits of Beta-Caryophyllene for Pain

Have you ever wondered why some foods taste differently than others? Or how other spices, such as cinnamon and basil, each have such a unique flavor and smell?The answer? Terpenes. In the case of spices like black pepper and cloves (among others), the more specific answer is beta-caryophyllene or BCP.

Search Engine Journal
9 Tips for Creating Your Best SEO Content This Year

Written under the pseudonym "Julia McCoy ." As public opinions shift, algorithms change, and new information comes along, it's important to keep your SEO content current. If you want your business to succeed, ride the wave. Don't base your business decisions on statistics that are years old or strategies that have long been outlived.

10 Healthy Late Night Snacks - eachnight

Written under the pseudonym "Kiera Pritchard." Many believe the metabolism shuts down during sleep, making it a bad idea to eat late at night because of potential weight gain. However, your metabolism ebbs and flows during sleep, ultimately staying consistent with your waking metabolism.

Savvy Sleeper
Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Savvy Sleeper

Written under the pseudonym "Malena Piper." Essential oils offer a unique, natural alternative to other sleep aids, such as over-the-counter medicines. An ancient practice, the use of essential oils to help promote mental and physical health dates back centuries. Even Hippocrates, a physician from ancient Greece, believed in their benefits.

Savvy Sleeper
How to Sleep With a Snorer - Savvy Sleeper

Written under the pseudonym "Malena Piper." Sleeping next to a snorer may affect you more than you realize; one study showed that spouses of snorers woke up an average of 21 times per hour. That's a lot of times to wake up in one night. Exhaustion from lack of sleep is not the only way sleeping next to a snorer can affect you.