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Need an informed cannabis writer? I'm your gal! A writer since the beginning, I haven't stopped since I first put my fingers on a keyboard.

I've been a medical marijuana patient for many years, and I possess a wealth of information on the herb's ins and outs. My blog "The CC Sound" is a cannabis blog dedicated to "special" recipes, strong opinions, and sharing meaningful knowledge.

With experience ranging from content writing to captivating story-telling, I know how to keep your reader's eye on the page.

Still curious? Contact me today, and let's get started!

The CC Sound
Weed Is Legitimate: An Unexpected Turn Of Events - The CC Sound

It's official. After a roller-coaster start to the month, stoners have reason to celebrate. After the recent vote on November 3rd, weed will be legal in two-thirds of the United States. Compare that to 8 years ago, when California was the only state to have legal, medical marijuana.

The CC Sound
My First Time Cooking Edibles: A Grave Mistake - The CC Sound

We all have that story. That one time you misjudged, overindulged, and suddenly found yourself laying on the floor spinning at 1000 miles per hour... all while wondering if the world is going to stop turning so forking fast anytime soon. Although ultimately harmless, cannabis can be intense.

Savvy Sleeper
Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Savvy Sleeper

Written under the pseudonym "Malena Piper". Essential oils offer a unique, natural alternative to other sleep aids, such as over-the-counter medicines. An ancient practice, the use of essential oils to help promote mental and physical health dates back centuries. Even Hippocrates, a physician from ancient Greece, believed in their benefits.

Savvy Sleeper
How to Sleep With a Snorer - Savvy Sleeper

Written under the pseudonym "Malena Piper". Sleeping next to a snorer may affect you more than you realize; one study showed that spouses of snorers woke up an average of 21 times per hour. That's a lot of times to wake up in one night. Exhaustion from lack of sleep is not the only way sleeping next to a snorer can affect you.

SCC Vortex "The Monster In Me"

A personal narrative about the struggles of learning to live with a mental illness, published in a collection of Art, Essays, Plays, Poetry, Scripts & Short Stories by SCC students.

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