Cianna Allen

Director of Media Relations, Lipstick & Politics

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Ever since the "Fall Write" in second grade, writing has been not only my strength, but also my passion. Language and rhetoric came naturally to me, and I found that one of the best and easiest ways for me to express myself was by putting pen to paper. Now, a decade and a half after that fateful Fall Write, my writing skills have moved beyond the purpose of personal pleasure and into the "real world" of getting a job.

Throughout college, I honed my writing and rhetoric, pushed myself to master a variety of styles, and fell even more in love with language. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, a persuasive writing style has become my forte, and social justice issues have become my chosen subject matter. But I know that my writing is adaptive and can be used in any capacity to get a message across. I look forward to many opportunities to share my skills with awesome companies!

Why I Don't Recognize America Anymore

Patriotism can be defined as love and devotion to one's country. It's a relationship, of sorts, focused on faithfulness to your country and a drive for its constant betterment. And yet, recently, patriotism in America has become conflated with hatred and supremacy.

Her Campus
Proof Misogyny Still Exists

What if I told you there was a lie being spread throughout our world that was both poisoning our very society and challenging our individual liberties? Would you believe me? Well if it's a "no", you should-and here's the lie: "Misogyny no longer exists." Misogyny is the idea of hatred, distrust or general prejudice against women.

Thought Catalog
This Is How You Will Let Go

It all starts with the pain-the searing, gut wrenching pain that boils inside of you and lives in your arteries. It starts in your heart and then spreads to your extremities and before you know it, your body is poisoned with pain.

Ford's Life Has Been Upended-Her Allegations Should Be Respected And Investigated

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by Palo Alto University psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford. Dr. Ford claims that Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted her during high school in the early 1980's at a party. Kavanaugh has responded to the allegation, calling it "completely false".

What Is "Missing White Woman Syndrome"?

Have you heard of Jaycee Dugard? What about Natalee Holloway or Laci Peterson? Or most recently, Mollie Tibbetts? Chances are you've heard of at least one of these names, all murder victims or missing persons. But have you heard of Srey Nath or Evelyn Hernandez? LaToyia Figueroa or Stephany Flores?

Meghan Markle And The (Not So Distant) History of Interracial Marriage

When news of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement broke, the world was immediately enthralled with their story. Markle instantly became something of an international icon due to her unprecedented background. She is American, she is divorced, and she is biracial.

How to Find Peace After Constant News of School Shootings

I went through a quick tornado of emotions in the following minute. Fear. Anger. Disgust. Sadness. Helplessness. It had been barely two months since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. And here we were again.

Despite Witnessing Ford's Courage, Republicans Care Only About Their Party

Thursday's hearings and related news cycles were nothing short of exhausting. Between both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's hearing and Judge Brett Kavanaugh's hearing, the political event lasted almost all day. And watching each hearing and the related news coverage was emotionally draining.

The Complicated Appointment Of San Francisco's Interim Mayor

When San Francisco's interim mayor London Breed, a moderate African-American woman, was replaced by Mark Farrell, a white male venture capitalist, uproar was expected. But the choice to replace Breed with Farrell was multifaceted, and there was far more to the decision than meets the eye.

Single Mothers Are The Face of Poverty

When you think of the people stuck under the poverty line, what do you picture? Do you picture children under the care of struggling single mothers, drowning in their attempts to give their kids the best lives possible? In 2016, 40% of children living with a single mother lived in poverty, compared to only 12% of children in two parent families.