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I have been a professional copywriter for over four years, working for content marketing companies. My work has also appeared in several publications and websites including FansEdge,, NFL Shop, Extra Community Newspaper, The Bugle Newspapers, Gapers Block and Uproxx. I can be reached at [email protected]

#RioProblems Could Be Far Worse Than #SochiProblems

When the Olympics roll around every two years - counting both Summer and Winter - the games are supposed to elicit feelings of hope, sportsmanship, and national pride. But in reality, they often leave debt, controversy, and decrepit, abandoned Olympic venues in their wake.

Extra News
McCarthy: Crime is down while shootings are up

dropcap]V[/dropcap]iolent crime was still a rampant problem for Chicago in 2014. "Over the course of this year we continue to see progress in reducing crime and violence throughout the city," said Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy. "Though certainly there's more work to be done."

O'Hare runway decommissioning put on hold

By Chris Zois | For The Bugle Residents of communities surrounding O'Hare International Airport will get a slight reprieve from noise issues caused by air traffic, with the city of Chicago asking the Federal Aviation Administration to halt the decommissioning of one of the airport's diagonal runways.

1851 Franchise Magazine
How Fast-Casual Restaurants Have Become the Dominant Concept in Franchising

Fast-casual restaurants-concepts that have no full table service but concentrate on providing higher quality food-have become a predominate force in the restaurant industry. A report from global information company The NPD Group found that not only are the number of fast-casual units growing, but so are the number of people visiting them.

Chris Zois

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Time Out Chicago
Interview: Trevor de Brauw of Pelican

Chicago is full of bands making heavy, loud music, but Pelican stands out as one of the city's most beloved purveyors of sludgy riffs. To put things in perspective: The group boasts not one, but two Three Floyds beers named after its songs-that's like the metal equivalent of winning a Grammy.

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Freelance Wrestling Showcasing Talent Halloween Eve

When I mention to friends that I still watch and very much enjoy WWE and pro wrestling, I get the snide remark of "you know it's fake right?" This used to drive me crazy, but I just shake it off and say, "you know that Game of Thrones is fake right?"

South Side Sox
White Sox Bullpen Woes Main Culprit of May Slide

I knew April was too good to be true, but what exactly happened to the Chicago White Sox pitching in May? I mean the fuck? The White Sox capped off the month of May with a tremendous fall from grace and three late game meltdowns that will be on par with some of sports biggest tire fires.

Gapers Block
The Lawrence Arms Bringing the Holiday Cheer

The dead of winter has become a mortal enemy to residents of Chicago. I can attest as a lifelong Illinois resident: these winters can be unbearable. Attitudes may be down, but there are events around the city that can perk up even the gloomiest of people.

Gapers Block
Bulls Ushering in New Phase with Court Redesign

Bulls Mon Oct 26 2015 The Chicago Bulls have rarely strayed from their roots. Throughout their 49-year existence, they have maintained the same design, color scheme, and logo for their franchise. There have been some tweaks here and there, but if this gif is any explanation, they are quite confident about how their logo looks.

Gapers Block
Analyzing the Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler "Beef"

Bulls Wed Sep 30 2015 You don't have to be best friends with your co-workers. Better chemistry can help long meetings go by quickly or an assembly around the water cooler to be more jovial, but the goal of any business and the responsibility of any co-worker is to get the job done.

Gapers Block
Our Riot Fest Recommendations

Riot Fest is returning to Chicago, in a new, sprawling Douglas Park location from September 11 through September 13. The standout festival, complete with carnival rides and games, is jam-packed with an exciting array of acts, from Iggy Pop, to No Doubt, to Snoop Dogg, to local favorites including Psalm One and Into It.

Gapers Block
White Sox Look to Farm for Extra Help

With the exception of a few long balls and a sea of red Ks, there hasn't been too much to be proud of on the South side. The White Sox came into the season with high expectations and the club has been one of the league's biggest disappointments.

Gapers Block
Spoxing for Charity Event at Wrigley Field

In his short time since becoming manager, Joe Maddon has made quite the impression with the Chicago Cubs fanbase and the city of Chicago. The team has defied expectations and is in contention for the playoffs, way ahead of schedule.

Extra News
2015's Healthy Mix of Blockbusters, Critical Darlings

We are way past the halfway point of 2015, but that's OK. Anytime is a good time to reflect about how good of a year it has been in film so far. This year in particular needs attention because it has been a spectacular one.

Gapers Block
Samardzija Falling Short of Expectations

An ace is supposed to be the most dominant pitcher of a rotation. The head honcho, the anchor, the big cheese, the trendsetter. This position on the pitching depth chart is supposed to be the one fans won't sweat about when they read the day's pitching probables.

Extra News
Cubs pick up a few new pitchers

The July 31 MLB trade deadline is a huge deal for diehard baseball fans. It is fun to see big names head to different teams and see how the baseball landscape can change in one fell swoop. The day itself was a bit lackluster, but the week leading up to it was the opposite.

Extra News
Chicago artists stood out at Pitchfork

Severe heat and torrential rain couldn't keep music fans from descending on Union Park to enjoy the Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend. Now in its 10th year, the festival has always and deservingly been credited with highlighting new acts using a mashup of indie singer-songwriters and hip-hop artists.

Gapers Block
RLYR: Breaking the Post-Hardcore Mold

By Chris Zois RLYR is a band that is still in its infancy, but its members are no strangers to the Chicago music scene. Guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican, Chord and Let's Pet), bassist Colin DeKuiper (Bloodiest and Lasers & Fast & Shit) and drummer Steven Hess (Locrian, Pan American and Cleared) have all made a name for themselves in other bands and they came together to try something new.

Gapers Block
Summer League Heating Up for the Bulls

Bulls Fri Jul 10 2015 Within a span of 12 hours, the Chicago Bulls completed their offseason. I don't want to take anything away from Aaron Brooks illustrious 10-year career, but the pomp and circumstance during this year's offseason was done the minute Jimmy Butler agreed to come back to the Windy City.

Extra News
"Mad Max: Fury Road" Roars Onto the Big Screen

Director George Miller's latest installment in the "Mad Max" franchise is a furious ride through Australia's post-apocalyptic Outback. The movie opens with a shot of "Mad" Max Rockatansky peering off into the Australian desert, chomping on a hapless, two-headed lizard, pondering the predicament he and the world is in.

Gapers Block
The White Sox Shortstop Dilemma

The White Sox's busy offseason had them pegged as the dark horse favorite for a Wild Card spot and fans we're excited for 2015. But General Manager Rick Hahn did not address the Sox's real issues: the infield, particularly what the future holds for the shortstop position.