Chris Wheeler

Faith, Art, & Fatherhood

United States

I write stories with layers that demand investment.
I specialize in writing about faith, fatherhood, the arts, and worship.

Fathom Mag
The Strength in the Cry

On a chilly night two weeks prior to the due date, my wife's water breaks and we are suddenly in labor mode.

The Banner
Excellence and Identity

All I really remember about my first few years of lessons is that I wanted to play.

Foundling House
A Couple Dozen Kisses

There's some sort of ruckus in the living room, involving the theft of a beloved toy he hasn't even been playing with, so I send Kai to his room. All 2.75 years of TNT with scabby knees, and the only thing that comes of it is more explosions.

Fathom Mag
Poetry: birdless

It had no nest and no parents we could see nearby. It was small and fast. My children were there and of course, we caught it.