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The Best & Worst Vampire Movies Of All-Time

By all standards, "Twilight" is a phenomenon. With best-selling books, merchandise flying off the shelves and now a new film that appears to have "hit" written all over it, why is "Twilight" causing such a stir? Perhaps it can be traced back to one of the main reasons the original Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was such a hit - the undying love story (literally).

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Arcade Fire Rocks The Shrine Into Flames

Oftentimes, when a band takes the stage at a concert, the crowd will jump to their feet in excitement over seeing their idols in person, but rarely will the audience stay on their feet for the entire concert. Welcome to the world of rock gods Arcade Fire where the audience knows every lyric to their songs and dances joyously throughout the show.

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'Whale Wars' Helps Save The Planet Through Reality TV

In the sea of the often unnecessary drivel that is reality television, there are few islands of hope that actually have an important impact on people's lives. "Whale Wars" is one of those rare shows that dares to use its platform for a purpose, exposing the cruelties of whaling to encourage protection of these beautiful animals and their marine environment.

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Prince Solidifies His Legacy With A Funky Good Time

If you haven't seen Prince in concert, you are missing one of the best live performers to ever grace the stage. I was lucky enough to catch him at his Saturday, May 14 show at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., and he tore the place to shreds with his kinetic energy, massive talent and infectious enthusiasm.

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Turkeys Thank The Hollywood Stars For Meat-Free Thanksgiving Options

Each year, millions of Americans gather around their dinner tables with family and friends to give thanks for all the wonderful things going on in their lives, but at least one dinner companion is certainly not joining in on that gratitude - the turkey at the center of the table.

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Portishead Sets A Tantalizing Mood At Los Angeles' Shrine Expo Center

It is a rare day that we get to knock items off of our bucket list, but I did just that when I saw the incomparable Portishead in concert on October 18 at the Shrine Expo Center in Los Angeles, Calif., presented by KCRW. I remember the very first time I ever heard a Portishead song.

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KROQ's Heavy-Hitting Weenie Roast Blasts The Audience Into Blissful Smithereens

Since 1993, Los Angeles powerhouse radio station KROQ has assembled the coolest bands around to perform at its edge-of-summer rock-fest known as the Weenie Roast. That name says everything you need to know about this edgy and rambunctious affair, which prides itself on showcasing loud, hard rock music.

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'The Biggest Loser's' Bob Harper Takes On The Fight Against Farm Animal Suffering

On NBC's "The Biggest Loser," trainer Bob Harper is the picture of excellent health, motivating morbidly obese Americans to take charge of their lives by putting an end to their destructive eating habits and sedentary ways. The results of the show are astonishing - contestants lose hundreds of pounds and they are given the necessary skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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David Gray & Ray LaMontagne: Troubadours Unite At The Greek Theater

Whoever came up with the idea to have these two emotive troubadours tour together was a marketing genius. David Gray and Ray LaMontagne have two of the most distinctive and recognizable singing voices on the music scene today, and seeing them back-to-back on September 8 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in concert was a delight to behold for both my fiancée and me.

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'Whale Wars': A Raging Battle Concludes On Season Finale

On Animal Planet's "Whale Wars," every member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that travels to Antarctica to stop the Japanese from whaling, bravely and selflessly pledges to Captain Paul Watson (the founder of Sea Shepherd) that he or she is willing to die for the whales.

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KT Tunstall Proves Her Rock Prowess

KT Tunstall is officially now a rock star. In 2006, she won over our hearts with her softer folk songs on her breakthrough album "Eye to the Telescope," but with her third album, "Tiger Suit," she has emerged into a powerful, jamming rock goddess.


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Before They Were Stars: 'The Twilight Saga's' Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Landing the lead roles in "The Twilight Saga" franchise shot Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart into superstardom, but what were their first breakout roles? Access reaches into our archives and unearths exclusive interviews, capturing these young, aspiring actors before the world knew them as Edward & Bella.