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Christine Zuniga

News Reporter, The Orion

Location icon United States of America

I am a senior journalism/public relations student at Chico State. I am currently a news reporter for the university's award-winning, student-managed newspaper, The Orion.

The Orion
Students raise awareness of prescription drug abuse

As part of the third annual Prescription Drug Awareness Week, presented by the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC), Chico State is full of signage with shocking statistics about the harm that comes from the misuse of prescription drugs. In addition to the signs, CADEC peer educators tabled all week in The Gauntlet and...

The Orion
Period Week focuses on the stigma of menstruation

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center announced its Period Week event in collaboration with Associated Students Sustainability. The week-long series of events is scheduled to run from March 21 to March 25 and is meant to de-stigmatize the topic of menstruation. GSEC director eliza dyer is hoping that the event will allow people to feel...

The Orion
Chico State students replace cash with Venmo

As with physical mail, phonebooks and maps, cash seems to be outdated, thanks to electronic transfer technologies, including the popular Venmo app. Venmo is a service of PayPal, the powerful alternative to checks and money orders, which had 4.9 billion payments via mobile devices in 2015.

The Orion
Measure hopes to ban the sale of bottled water on campus

The 2016 Associated Students General Election has only one ballot advisory measure: Should AS halt its sale of single-use bottled water at Chico State as soon as contractually possible? The measure was created and proposed by students in Geography 440, "Environmental Thought and Action." The course is only offered in the spring.

The Orion
Global start-up event comes to Chico

Is it possible to pitch a start-up idea, build a team, create a business model, conduct market research and begin product development within 54 hours? Startup Weekend thinks so. Startup Weekend, a global movement powered by Google Entrepreneurs, is being hosted in Chico for the first time ever, thanks to a collaboration between Chicostart, a...

The Orion
Event helps students embrace biracial identities

Everyone was told to partner up with someone they didn't know. A quick introduction with names was OK, but no further inquiries were allowed. Everyone had a piece of paper and a pen. "Just look at your partner and guess. Where is your partner's hometown?" Anxious giggles filled the room before people began scribbling answers...

The Orion
Animal rights group hopes students 'Brave the Cage'

A human-sized cage next to a woman in a chicken suit - this was what Chico State students saw while walking through campus on Wednesday. The cage, an important element for Animal Place's Brave the Cage campaign, is meant to spread awareness about the conditions that 95% of hens in the egg industry live in.

The Orion
CCLC hosts diversity advocacy workshop

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center started a "Diversity Advocacy Certification" program in an effort to help participants become aware of social injustice issues and teach them to become effective activists. The program consists of seven workshops scheduled throughout the remainder of the semester, each one focusing on different topics.

The Orion
Minimum wage increase brings mixed reactions

With the Jan. 1 minimum wage increase to $10 per hour, some Californians are worried about the impact it will have on small business owners, while others insist the benefits far outweigh the negatives. California is one of 14 states that had their minimum wage increased, thanks to previously passed laws that went into effect...

The Orion
Chico State sponsors webinar for gender identity sensitivity

In an effort to increase campus awareness and understanding of the needs of trans and non-binary students at Chico State, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsored the viewing of a webinar titled "Supporting Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Youth," by Genny Beemyn. Beemyn is a speaker and director of the Stonewall Center at the University of...

The Orion
El Nino brings warmer weather to Chico

Although March is only beginning, students around Chico State are already sporting shorts and sunglasses with the prospect of continued warm weather, thanks to El Nino. The hype behind El Nino seems to stem from a lack of understanding of what this weather phenomenon actually is and how it can affect California, along with other...

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