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PR Writer and Creative Consultant

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I'm quite fortunate to have a rather diverse background. While I have provided administrative support to major startups, with a proven record of improving customer experiences, my main bread and butter has always been working in a consulting role for clients in need of creative solutions. For over 10 years I've been involved in writing and videography, with the past 7 years dedicated to a serious commitment in not only creating insightful content, but also consulting clients on their creative projects, which include web design, filmmaking, and digital media.


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THE NAMIC FEED: Out Of Character by Christina Cicchelli

It's "Moonlighting" meets "Mississippi Marsala" How about this pitch? It's "Moonlighting" meets "Mississippi Marsala" - a hot Bollywood superstar fails to make it big in America and is forced to waste away his fine talent and looks at a P.I. Agency.

THE NAMIC FEED: Latino Lowdown: The 2010 AP Universal Overview by Christina Cicchelli

As we close out part one of NAMIC's jam-packed Diversity Conference, the attendees are a-twitter with news and updates about all of the goings-on. The social media that dovetails so seamlessly alongside other traditional modes of communication (i.e. talking or writing a letter) are now a daily habit for most, if not, all Americans.

THE NAMIC FEED: You Have to Sweat the Small Stuff by Christina Cicchelli

"You Have to Sweat the Small Stuff": Discussing Mergers & Acquisitions at The Leadership Development PanelMergers & Acquisitions can be a scary concept. When this daunting transition comes to mind, one can only fathom the amount of dramatic change that can happen in any business, both big and small.

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$pread Magazine
Media Whore Column

The column provides witty commentary on moments when adult entertainment and pop culture collide.

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FEMMES IN FRONT - Liz Deering preview

FEMMES IN FRONT - preview featuring local entrepreneur, Liz Deering. FEMMES IN FRONT is a documentary series featuring local Austin, Texas women entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives, as well as community servers. Edited on Adobe Premiere.

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