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The selection of clippings below is intended to provide a glimpse into an extensive writing portfolio that encompasses articles, speeches, news releases, event collateral, advertising copy, and social media content. I’m happy to provide further writing samples on request.

Saved by trails

When North Vancouver, British Columbia's Tamsin Anstey, now 30, became the national Canadian juvenile pentathlon at just 16, everyone had aspirations for Anstey--including herself.

University Affairs
A beginner's guide to social media | University Affairs

We've pulled together advice from tech-savvy professors to give you the resources you need to start incorporating social media into your teaching. You've heard of Skype and you're tempted by the idea of free Internet calls, but the thought of downloading it seems mildly exhausting.

University Affairs
Warming to the arctic | University Affairs

Canadians have woken up to the vast potential of the Arctic, but researchers wonder what it will take to push attitudes to our northern latitudes beyond platitudes. Scientist John Smol says, "Depending on how you define Canada, approximately half the land mass and two-thirds of the coastline are in the Arctic.

University Affairs
Does short-term volunteering abroad create global citizens? | University Affairs

Research study finds personal concerns like job preparedness are the main motivations for students going abroad to volunteer. The assumption that young Canadians learn about the world and become better global citizens through short-term volunteer placements in developing countries is both popular and pervasive.

University Affairs
Bringing veterinary care to the Far North | University Affairs

A veterinary program developed at UPEI gives students an opportunity to help Northern animals. It started with a query to Jane Magrath, a professor of English at the University of Prince Edward Island, from a friend living in the Nunavut community of Kimmirut.

University Affairs
Web tools for beginners | University Affairs

Resources to get you started This is a sidebar to A Beginner's Guide to Social Media . Ready to start a blog or create your first wiki page? Great! But which option is right for you? With several similar services offered on the web, it can be hard to know which tool is best suited to your needs.

University Affairs
Archaeology project takes on a human rights dimension | University Affairs

A public-education project that started with animal bones evolves into forensic research that could help locate mass human graves from the air. Two years have passed since Andre Costopoulos, an associate professor of anthropology at McGill University, first set foot in Parc Safari, charged with the task of uncovering and reassembling the remains of a buried elephant.

Canadian Organic Grower
Patchwork Gardens

The owners of Patchwork Gardens are inside the famr building they've spent the last two years constructing.

University Manager
Maintaining strategic direction

While a recession may encourage more students into post-secondary education and away from an unforgiving job market, the revenues gleaned from this small upward trend are certainly not equal to the damages incurred by devastated endowment and pension fund investments.

Alumni Review
Articles and profiles

For me, journalism is the perfect fit: a blend of curiosity, creativity, compassion, and a huge dose of adventure.

Alumni Review
Articles and profiles

The Calgary Stampede is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. What better time for the Queen's Bands to march in the Stampede Parade for the first time ever?

Alumni Review
Articles and profiles

For James Fraser, winner of the 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, helping students create a sense of community in the classroom is integral to engagement and effective learning.

Alumni Review
Articles and profiles

In June 1960, Karl Strick arrived in Canada from Germany to pursue his dream of an engineering career and a better life.

From pole to pole

Having received more than 2000 abstracts from over 45 countries, the International Polar Year 2012: From Knowledge to Action conference was one of the largest polar conferences in history.

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