ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Social Equity Advocate, Educator, and Consultant

United States

I am a social equity educator and consultant who utilizes a "Tapestry Framework" to explore the why and the how of what diversity, equity, and inclusion truly means. I incorporate personal, professional, and historical experience and narratives that tell the stories of our ancestors and provides guiding introspection for our pathways forward in cultural humility and radical acceptance, broadening horizons of understanding across identity and intersections.

I draw upon concepts and theories of social and existential psychology, cultural anthropology, and sociology to facilitate a gracious space for organizations to gain the tools and rituals needed to transform from one that is “well intentioned” to “well aware” in their social equity journey.

I provide DEI assessments and scans, social and community impact reports and strategies, workshops and trainings, facilitation and caucusing, and various nonprofit consulting services. My expertise is rich, but my favorite topics are discussing the theories and "why's" of social equity; Racism, colorism and antiblackness; and intersectional disability inclusion initiatives.

I am also available for panels, keynotes and speeches, artistic justice performances, and writing for your publication or blog.


Articles, Blogs, and Transcripts

Equity is the Engine: The "Pimp my Ride" DEI Parable

By ChrisTiana ObeySumner, MNPL Nearly two years ago, I transformed a lifetime of intersectional disability justice and antiracism advocacy into a consulting business called Epiphanies of Equity: Education and Consulting.

From Ally to Accomplice: Do the Thing! - ChrisTiana ObeySumner - Medium

The following is a transcript of a speech given on the importance of actionable accomplices in social justice versus philosophical allies in inaction; given at the Seattle Womxn's March on January, 19th, 2019. Hello Seattle Womxn's March! I'm honored for the opportunity to share a message on this MLK Weekend and give a call to action for 2019.

Accountability, Action, and Implementation: A Call to Action in Support of WA I-1000

This speech was given at the MLK Jr. Coalition "Affirmative Action=Justice" rally in Seattle, WA January 21, 2019. Earlier this weekend, I referenced a passage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the letter from Birmingham Jail where he stated, "I had hoped that the White moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress."

Finding Life's Purpose: Reflections of Praxis - ChrisTiana ObeySumner - Medium

Someone asked me what they should do if they feel as though they've not found their "life's passion." I've been asked this question quite a lot. As I enter this new year, and over 15 years into this journey, I seek to find an answer -- if not for my own mindful reflection out-loud for critical social discourse.

South Seattle Emerald
Black Autistics Exist: An Argument for Intersectional Disability Justice

by ChrisTiana ObeySumner After more than a decade advocating for Intersectional Disability Justice, I received the honor of being voted the first Co-Chair of the Seattle Disabilities Commission who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. Ever since, I have turbo-charged my advocacy and study of intersectional disability and fought for the amplification...

South Seattle Emerald
South End Stew: Our World Is Crying

by ChrisTiana Obey One: When I wake up in the morning, and I greet my white husband When I lay in bed and wait for my body to tell me if this is a good day or a muscle relaxer day When I rem...

South Seattle Emerald
Epiphanies of Blackness: An Unspoken Rite of Passage

by ChrisTiana ObeySumner A seemingly consistent rite of passage across the lived experience of Black Americans is the moment where one realizes that: 1) they are Black, and; 2) being Black is a problem. My first mini-rite of passage was in kindergarten. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and went to a predominantly White elementary...

South Seattle Emerald
Addressing White Privilege: An Open Letter and Call to Action

by ChrisTiana ObeySummer To White folx who deny, or are unaware of, their privilege: Considering our Euro-Centric culture, government, and education system, I empathize being faced with a lifetime of misinformation and the subsequent schema change that must come from that epiphany. It is important to be mindful and knowledgeable about what people mean when...

Guest Post: Why I ran for Seattle City Council

ChrisTiana ObeySumner, Affordable Housing and Homelessness Advocate November 9, the day after the 2016 general election, re-ignited something within my soul. A drive for justice, equity, and bringing the voices of those who are most affected by the failures in our system to the forefront.

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