Chris Thomas

Senior Fellow at IPPR, Editor at Progressive Review

United Kingdom

I'm a research fellow at IPPR, interested in progressive politics, better government and radical welfare. I specialise in health (the cradle and grave bit of 'from cradle to grave') - and have a particular interest in public health. Here's some of my commentary - but you can find more of my work, including full reports, here: Email on [email protected].

How Market Ideology Destroyed Resilience in our NHS

The government recently announced ambitions to carry out an independent enquiry into the UK's torrid experience of Covid-19. It couldn't be more needed. Our outcomes have been amongst the worst in the world. Most recently, the ONS confirmed that England had the highest level of excess deaths of any country in Europe in the first half of 2020.

The Independent
Opinion: Time to run the NHS at the top of its game, not the top of its capacity

"I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS" class="body-link" data-vars-item-name="BL-9648606-/topic/NHS" data-vars-event-id="c6">NHS ". David Cameron's 2010 election slogan seemed to offer the country the best of both worlds - fiscal responsibility and a strong health service. Alas, it was too good to be true. Instead, the NHS faced the most brutal decade since its formation.

Poorest areas hit hardest by public health cuts, finds IPPR think tank

IPPR calls for investment in public health services to tackle health inequality and deliver NHS savings after finding cuts fall on poorest While it is widely known that public health services across the country have faced cuts, new IPPR research today reveals that it is the most deprived communities in England have faced the most substantial cuts.

Left Foot Forward
The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the impact of public health austerity

Public health funding has been cut by £1 billion since 2014. We have never experienced a peacetime crisis like coronavirus. The risk it carries, particularly to the most vulnerable, means an unprecedented change to how we work, live and use public services. Global data is quickly allowing us to identify the most vulnerable.

A Sympathetic Establishment Won't Save Us

Around 9.15 on the 21 st October 1966, a colliery spoil tip collapsed above the Welsh village of Aberfan. It triggered an avalanche of slurry, which careered downhill and made contract with Pantglas Junior school, where lessons had just begun.

No Exit Strategy Without Healthcare Workers

Covid-19 has caused unprecedented strain on our health and care system. Our entire strategy has been designed to keep demand below the system's finite resources - by "flattening the curve." The consequence of failure would be catastrophic for the health service and the nation. Undeniably, not everything has gone right.