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5 Practices That Guarantee You A Growing Business - Feedeed Blog

Owning a company in the Middle East can be extremely challenging. Policies, governmental restrictions, unstable environments and other factors can make a business owner lose it. Regardless of the above-mentioned aspects, which are out of our control, business owners can focus on other components and practices in order to grow and sustain their businesses.

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Struggling With Online Payments in Lebanon? Here's What You Need To Know. - Feedeed Blog

Despite the rise of the e-commerce industry globally, the Lebanese market continues to struggle: It is hard enough to get people to visit a website, let alone get them to become loyal paying customers! E-businesses still have to face several obstacles that usually fall under security issues and customer misconceptions not to mention the hassle of finding the right payment gateways providers.

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7 Mistakes That Will Cost You Your Business - Feedeed Blog

So let me break it down to you, 90% of startups fail. Yes, 90% will probably go out of business before they even begin their second year. Until now, People still debate the reasons why 9 out of 10 businesses fall short.

Outsourcing Tips

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Outsourcing in the Middle East: 4 Common Challenges & Solutions - Feedeed Blog

With around $80 Billion in revenue, the global outsourcing industry is booming and is providing companies or businesses a great tool to keep moving forward. However, Outsourcing is not just the act of delegating tasks to people. It needs serious planning and implementation if you ever want to do it right and avoid wasting your money and time!

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Beginner's Guide To Outsourcing [Part 1]: Who & Why? - Feedeed Blog

In other terms, outsourcing is the concept of having some job functions done outside a company instead of in-house employees. Those tasks or projects can be outsourced to specialized companies or freelance individuals. In the last decade, companies from all over the world have adopted outsourcing and have integrated it into their business processes.

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