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Christine Green

Freelance Writer

Christine Green is a freelance writer, teaching artist, writing coach, and speaker . She currently writes a literary arts column for Rochester's (585) Magazine. She also is a regular contributor to 55 Plus Magazine and In Good Health Magazine. Green was the founder and host of the reading salon, Words on the Verge.

She grew up in San Jose, CA and holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MA in anthropology from the College of William and Mary. She is a 2016 Pink Door Literary Fellow and a member of the Listen to Your Mother 2017 Rochester cast.

Her essays, articles, poetry, and creative non-fiction appear in several literary journals and blogs.

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Whetstone Magazine
For Curanderos, Cures Come From the Ground Up - Whetstone Magazine

Whenever Tonita Gonzales was sick, her grandma would bring her warm, soothing atole. This rich blue corn meal drink, often fortified with juniper ash, is a staple for many in the American Southwest and Mexico. Atole (some variations are also called atole de elote, chakewe and champurrado) is full of vitamins and minerals.

(585) magazine
We were more Indian once - (585) magazine

At only seventeen, Sejal Shah was the first Indian American in Rochester to perform an arangetram. An arangetram is a debut performance by a student of classical South Indian dance. Preparing for this event is no easy feat. It takes training and dedication and planning.

Poetry blooms in the Flower City

Michael Hanlon We've all seen the image of the brooding writer dressed in black bleakly reading poetry to a distracted audience in a coffee shop or smoky bar. To nonpoets this is how poetry often appears in popular media-obscure and boring. But the reality is something far different.

Going Gray, Naturally

Stylists say they see many more women over 55 embracing their natural gray. Is that a new trend? People all over town stop Brockport resident Elizabeth Banner to ask about her hair. "People always, all the time, come up to me and say your hair is so beautiful.

Promoting Diversity

Annette and Carmelo Ramos bring Latinx culture, community outreach to Rochester area When Annette Ramos boarded a plane in 1995 to attend a Native American Peace Elders gathering in Puerto Rico, she packed three Gucci bags and brought her Armani shoes.

Buffalo Soldiers

With its roots in 19th Century lore, African-American military history finally comes to light By Christine Green [caption id=attachment_1243 align=alignright width=300] Buffalo Soldier color guard Robert Burgess, Shirley Boone and Bing Reaves, a retired police officer who helps run the group.

Reading, writing, and activism

Michael Hanlon Writer Gail​ Hosking was at a rally in support of immigrant rights in Rochester last year when she spotted a familiar face. The quiet young man from her writing group-the one who didn't say much-was in front of the crowd with a megaphone.

4 Myths About Midwives

By Christine Green [caption id=attachment_825 align=alignright width=125] Becky Skovgaard[/caption] Certified nurse-midwife Rebecca Skovgaard loved night shifts on the maternity floor at Highland Hospital before her retirement from Strong Midwifery at the University of Rochester.

Creative Writing

Brain, Child
Thirteen, Now and Then

By Christine Green Last week my daughter asked me to help her edit and revise some poems she wrote for class. The theme was a rather advanced one: the Bosnian refugee experience. She is anxious and a little sad by nature, and I sensed her nervousness.

Mothers Always Write
Batman's Mom - Mothers Always Write

I sometimes feel like I'm the only person in the world who still gets confused by all the different comic book heroes and movies. Which is better DC or Marvel? Batman or Spiderman? I decided to ask the only expert who knew: my son Ethan. "Marvel sucks. DC comics are superior, man."

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