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Chris Polvi

Screenwriter · Author · Filmmaker

Location icon Canada


Short Stories


Theresa accidentally injures a homeless man on the eve of opening her new pharmacy.

Kilmer, Please

A former video store clerk reminisces about the night he was menaced by a curious customer.


A serial killer encounters the woman of his dreams and takes her under his wing.

Short Films

Feature-Length Screenplays (excerpts)

Spec Script
Laura Through the Windshield (excerpt)

Accused of assaulting a young woman at a party, a video distributor specializing in old exploitation movies becomes the prime suspect when the woman is murdered that same night by a black-gloved and knife-wielding killer.

Spec Script
Michael, Kyle and Claire (excerpt)

Having seduced a pair of female French tourists traveling with their boyfriends, two Canadian men with commitment issues grapple with long-distance relationships, infidelity, learning a new language, alcoholism and DUIs, theft of government property, a road trip to Whistler, and expiring work visas in this coming-of-age dark comedy.

Spec Script
The Strange Wrath of Stuart Wilcox (excerpt)

The day-in-the-life chronicle of a cuckolded wage slave and his Sisyphean struggle with his tyrannical boss, his impressionable tomboy daughter, his cheating wife and her rugged millionaire lover, a police and FBI manhunt for a deranged killer, the local baseball team's beloved mascot, and himself.

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